Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine

This anthology gathers some of the most interesting successes, and a few instructive failures, published in the first forty issues of Cabinet. Taking the form of an illustrated encyclopedia, the collection includes idiosyncratic entries such as Addiction, Animal Architecture, Goalkeeping, Micronation, Otolith, Sandal, Worlding, and Zoosemiotics. This hardcover book is over 500 pages long and a must for the intellectually curious!

Contributors include:

Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Ames
Sasha Archibald
Aziz + Cucher
Alain Badiou
Magnus Bärtås
Barbara Benedict
Mats Bigert
Daniel Birnbaum
Mary Walling Blackburn
Norman Brosterman
Matthew Buckingham
Gianluigi Buffon
D. Graham Burnett
Sam Burton
Jeff Byles
Jon Calame
Colby Chamberlain
Irene Cheng
Emilie Clark
John Cliett
Paul Collins
Christoph Cox
Geoff Cox
Simon Critchley
Lorraine Daston
Mariana Castillo Deball
Leland de la Durantaye
Mark Dery
Brian Dillon
Sean Dockray, Steve Rowell & Fiona Whitton
Jeff Dolven
Spencer Finch
Paul Fleming
Yara Flores
Joshua Foer
Rubén Gallo
Liam Gillick
Romy Golan
Leon Golub (artist)
Leon Golub (astrophysicist)
Leon Golub (psychoanalyst)
Douglas Gordon
Anthony Grafton
Joseph Grigely
Valentin Groebner
Rachel Gugelberger
Louise Harpman & Scott Specht
Daniel Heller-Roazen
David Henderson & Daina Taimina
Angie Hobbs
Shelley Jackson
Adam Jasper
Edward Jessen
Denis Johnson
Colin Jones
Ben Kafka
Jeffrey Kastner
Emma Kay
Kathleen Kete
Wayne Koestenbaum
Josh Kun
Paul La Farge
Paul Laity
Jesse Lerner
Jonathan Lethem
David Levine
Paul Maliszewski
Carol Mavor
Kevin McCann
Josiah McElheny
Brian McMullen
Joe Milutis
Helen Mirra
Albert Mobilio
Luke Murphy
Alexander Nagel
Sina Najafi
Geoffrey O'Brien
Matthew Passmore
George Pendle
Jenny Perlin
Amy Jean Porter
George Prochnik
Francine Prose
Hugh Raffles
Frances Richard
Matthew Ritchie
Daniel Rosenberg
William Safire
Dorion Sagan
Scott A. Sandage
Barry Sanders
Luc Sante
Aaron Schuster
David Serlin
Lytle Shaw
William H. Sherman
Justin E. H. Smith
Victor I. Stoichita
Christopher Turner
Larry Tye
Rachel Urkowitz
Tom Vanderbilt
Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen
Marina van Zuylen
Kazys Varnelis
Nadia Wagner
Marina Warner
Allen S. Weiss
Margaret Wertheim
Molly Whalen
Gregory Whitehead
Gregory Williams
Rosalind Williams
Jay Worthington
Slavoj Žižek
Tirdad Zolghadr

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