Cabinet accepts interns three times during the year – January, June, and September. Interns are expected to make a three- to four-month commitment of two days per week. Because we’re a quarterly, the cycle allows every intern to see the process of publishing a small magazine from start to finish. Within these parameters, scheduling is somewhat flexible. All intern positions are unpaid. Please submit your resume and a short cover letter at least two months in advance of the cycle for which you’d like to apply (November 1, April 1, and July 1 are the three deadlines).

Interns must be hard-working, self-starting, meticulous, and interested in culture. We are a small non-profit, which means that everyone is involved in everything. Interns are expected to assist in the everyday administrative tasks that are crucial to making the magazine happen, such as packaging and sending mail, unloading boxes, and running errands. All staff members are equally involved with these tasks, which we consider no less important to the magazine than the research or editing of content. We particularly encourage applicants curious about all aspects of magazine publication.

Other areas of involvement will typically include a combination of the following:

Research (for both article ideas and images)
Editorial (proofreading, fact-checking, coordinating with writers appropriate images for their text)
Administrative (assist in fulfilling subscriptions, helping with fundraising efforts, etc.)
Circulation (helping place the magazine in more venues and to increase the number of subscribers)
Marketing (helping with press releases, extra events, etc.)
Design (proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign needed)

In addition to publishing the magazine, Cabinet is always involved with a number of special projects, such as books, exhibitions, and special events. Interns may be specifically assigned to these projects.

Although we receive resumes from a great number of highly qualified applicants, we cannot efficiently take on more than 2–3 interns at any given time. We will give preference to those whose skill sets best match our particular needs at the time of application. We vastly prefer to interview applicants in person, but we can also conduct interviews over Skype or by phone. Interns are expected to be able to come to our office in Brooklyn two days a week.

Applications can be sent to this email address with the subject line "Internship" or to the address below. Use of corporate jargon (eg; words like "efficiency," "productivity," "product," "exciting," etc.) is strongly discouraged, as is moving to New York from another location solely for an internship with us.

Sina Najafi
Cabinet Magazine: Internship
181 Wyckoff Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
tel: +1 718 222 8434
fax: +1 718 222 3700