Cabinet offers 3 to 4-month unpaid internships for up to 2 interns at a time. The internships are divided into 3 cycles: spring cycle (January–May), summer cycle (June–August), and fall cycle (September–December).

Interns are expected to make a commitment of 2 days per week for the entirety of a cycle. Because we’re a quarterly, each cycle allows interns to see the process of publishing a small magazine from start to finish. To apply, please submit your CV and a short cover letter by the deadline for the particular cycle you wish to apply for:

Spring cycle (January–May): November 1
Summer cycle (June–August): April 1
Fall cycle (September–December): July 1

We are a small non-profit, which means that everyone is involved in everything. Typically, interns spend some 50% of their time conducting research for articles and images, but they are also expected to assist as needed in the everyday administrative tasks that are crucial to making the magazine happen, such as packaging and sending mail, unloading boxes, and running errands. All staff members are equally involved with these tasks, which we consider no less important to the magazine than research or editing. We particularly encourage applications from those curious about all aspects of running a small non-profit magazine or arts organization.

The areas of involvement will typically include a combination of the following:

Research (for both article ideas and images)
Editorial (proofreading, fact-checking)
Administrative (assisting in fulfilling subscriptions, helping with events at our space, etc.)
Design (only for those who have a solid background in InDesign, Photoshop, and/or Illustrator)

In addition to publishing the magazine, Cabinet is often involved with a number of special projects, including books and exhibitions. Interns may be specifically assigned to these projects.

Interns must be hard-working, self-starting, meticulous, and interested in culture. They must come with their own high standards of excellence, and want to carry out every task assigned them to the best of their ability, not to please us but to please their own internal sense of who they are and who they want to be in the world. We like worriers, those who can imagine the ways in which any scenario can go awry and make contingency plans, when possible. We like doers, those who take no task to be beneath them or above them. We like eternal students, those whose confidence in their knowledge is accompanied by a sense that what we know is always dwarfed by what we don't know. We appreciate historically minded people, those who wonder how US office paper came to be the size it is and therefore do not take it for granted that a letter emailed to someone in, say, Turkey can be printed without cutting off. We enjoy working with people who do not imagine that the entirety of the world is available through Google, and who always ask which authorities, if any, can be trusted for a particular fact that needs to be checked. We are especially fond of people interested in ecologies of various kinds, from the ecologies of information to those governing the overproduction and waste that marks our culture today.

Despite these apparently impossible requirements, we receive applications from a great number of highly qualified applicants. We give preference to those whose skill sets best match our particular needs at the time of application. We like to interview applicants in person, but we can also conduct interviews over Skype or by phone if coming to our offices is not possible. If accepted, interns are expected to come to our Brooklyn office two days a week from 10 am to 6 pm.

Applications can be sent to this email address with the subject line "Internship" or to the address below. Use of corporate jargon (eg; words like "product," "exciting," "opportunity," etc.) is strongly discouraged, as is moving to New York from another location solely for an internship with us.

Sina Najafi
Cabinet Magazine: Internship
300 Nevins St
Brooklyn, NY 11217-3028
tel: +1 718 222 8434
fax: +1 718 222 3700