Cabinet can be ordered by bookstores, newsstands, and chains throughout the world as either a magazine or as a book.

As a magazine (with a UPS code and an ISSN number), Cabinet is available in the US and Canada through Disticor and its many affiliated distributors. Disticor distributes both using its own network and also through Ingram, IPD, Armadillo News, Bernhard DeBoer, Ubiquity, Hudson News, DDRS, Small Changes, Last Gasp, Emma Marian, Cowley Distribution, LMPI,Kent News Agency, Media Solutions, The News Group, Newsways, Newbury Comics, Don Olson, and Chris Stadler. For orders through one of these distributors, contact Disticor at the address below:

Disticor Magazine Distribution Services
Attn: Melanie Raucci
Phone: + 1 631 587-1160
Fax: + 1 905 619-2903
email: mraucci@disticor.com


As a book (with an ISBN code), Cabinet is available worldwide through D.A.P. Back issues are available only through D.A.P. as books.

Distributed Arts Publishers (D.A.P.)
Attn: Todd Bradway
155 Ave. of the Americas, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10013
tel: +1 212 627 1999
fax: + 1 212 627 9484
email: info@dapinc.com


Cabinet is also available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia through Central Books, London.

Central Books
Attn: Sasha Simic
99 Wallis Road
London E95 LN
United Kingdom
phone: +44(0)845 458 9925
fax: +44(0)845 458 9912
email: orders@centralbooks.com