Issue 9 (Childhood) Launch Event

Door to elementary school

On Sunday, January 19, 3–7 pm, Cabinet Magazine organized an event to celebrate the launch of its issue 9 "Childhood" issue. The event took place in the gym of Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. Music was provided by DJs Lukas Cox, age 5, Lulu Valentino, age 4 1/2, & Isaac Yglesis, age 6.

Child DJ with headphones
DJ Lulu Valentino

Child DJ spinning turntable
DJ Lukas Cox

MCs for spelling bee

At 5 pm, a spelling bee was organized in the school auditorium. Organized by the Veteran Bee-Meisters’ Association, the spelling bee featured some of the smartest and most competitive adults in the art world . The large hideous trophy was won by writer Paul Lukas.

Line of people for spelling bee
Spelling Bee

Final six in spelling bee
The final six

How to use Cabinet as a toy instructions

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