Paper, Paper, Scissors

Thursday, November 13, 2003
The Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe
126 Crosby Street, (just south of Houston Street), New York

On November 13, 2003, Cabinet and SculptureCenter will present a reading at Housing Works Bookstore in conjunction with The Paper Sculpture Show. Readers will include novelist and performer Jonathan Ames, the author of The Extra Man and What's Not to Love?; novelist and literary critic Shelley Jackson, author of Patchwork Girl and The Melancholy of Anatomy; and poet and Cabinet editor Frances Richard, whose essay "The Thing Itself Folding Itself Up Inside Itself" is included in The Paper Sculpture Book.

Jonathan Ames will offer visual evidence of his lack of manual dexterity, thus explaining why his kindergarten report card, which Jonathan's mom has kindly sent to the Cabinet offices, showed him failing “Scissors”; Shelley Jackson will display some of the paper sculptures from her forthcoming interactive book; and Frances Richard will reflect on the relationship between the history of papermaking and how writers have approached this lowliest of materials in their daily work.

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