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brought you their magazines on a truckazine...

Design by Brendon Farrell

at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, 2005.

A reading featuring Joshua Beckman, Brian Dewan, Lynne Tillman, and others took place on Sunday, 6 pm, at the corner of Bedford & Lorimer, McCarren Park, Williamsburg.

Saturday, June 4, 2005: Truckazine in Manhattan

10:00-12:30: West 3rd and Bleecker
1:00-2:30: Jacob Javits Center
3:00-4:30: New Museum, Chelsea
5:00-6:30 Union Square
7:00-8:15: Astor Place

Sunday, June 5, 2005: Truckazine in Brooklyn

11:00-1:00: 7th Avenue and 2nd St, Park Slope
1:30-3:30: Bedford Avenue and North 7th St, Williamsburg
4:00-6:00: McCarren Park, Williamsburg

6:00-7:00 McCarren Park, corner of Bedford & Lorimer
Readings and music by Joshua Beckman, Brian Dewan, John Haskell, Lynne Tillman, and others

Special thanks to Brendon Farrell for design of Truckazine

Building the Truckazine.

Eager readers.

A truck with attitude.

Enthusiastic magazine editors.

Music and Readings at McCarren Park.

Reading by John Haskell.

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