Winter 2000–2001

Cabinet: Issue 1 Contributors


Jonathan Ames on the color of an early memory. Jonathan Ames is the author of two novels, I Pass Like Night (Morrow) and The Extra Man (Scribner`s), and the memoir, What`s Not to Love?: The Adventures of a Mildly Perverted Young Writer (Crown).

David Batchelor on the triumph of the color white in art. David Batchelor is a London-based artist who exhibits at Anthony Wilkinson Gallery. He is also an author whose books include Minimalism (Cambridge University Press) and Chromophobia (Reaktion Books).

Naomi Ben-Shahar: artist project. Ben-Shahar is an artist living in New York.

A.S. Bessa on Swedish artist Öyvind Fahlström`s hybrid bird-human languages of the sixties. A.S. Bessa is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is co-editor of poetry for fahlströ and is also writing a book on concretism in the work of Öyvind Fahlström.

Mats Bigert on the culture of bingo halls in Stockholm. Bigert is one half of Bigert & Bergström, a Swedish artist collaborative team whose work has been shown at the Venice and Kawngju Biennials. Bigert is a contributing editor to Cabinet.

Xu Bing: artist project. Xu Bing is a Chinese artist who is currently exhibiting at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.

Christian Bök on how he developed an alien language for a science fiction series on Canadian television. Christian Bök is the author of Crystallography: Book I of Information Theory (Coach House Press), a pataphysical encyclopedia, nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award (Best Poetic Debut, 1994). Bök has also written an academic treatise, entitled Pataphysics: The Poetics of an Imaginary Science (forthcoming from Northwestern University Press, 2000).

Jon Dryden on his grandmother`s psychic abilities. Dryden is a freelance musician and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently working on an opera based on Albert Camus`s The Stranger.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff on Friedrich Jürgenson`s audio recordings of the voices of the dead. Von Hausswolff is an artist based in Stockholm. His work has been exhibited in many international events, including documenta X, the Istanbul Binennial, and Site Santa Fe. Von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren are the double monarchs of the Royal Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. For more information on the kingdom, see Hausswolff is a contributing editor to Cabinet.

Louisa Kamps on bingo calling. Kamps is a fellow at the National Arts Journalism Program at Columbia University. She has published in The New Yorker, Elle, and Mirabella, among other places.

Robert Kaplan in conversation with Sina Najafi on mathematics and randomness. Kaplan is a professor of mathematics at Harvard. His latest book is The Nothing that Is: A Natural History of Zero (Oxford University Press). Sina Najafi is co-editor in chief of Cabinet.

Vladimir Kulic on a recent monument erected in Belgrade to mark the anniversary of the end of the NATO bombings. Kulic is an architect living in Belgrade. He is the co-editor of the forthcoming guide Belgrade Architecture.

Laura Kurgan: project on satellite surveillance of Kosovo. Kurgan teaches in the School of Architecture at Princeton University. Her work with digital information technolgies has been exhibited internationally.

Justine Kurland: artist project. Kurland is a New York-based photographer who last showed at Patrick Callery Gallery.

Jesse Lerner on the Mexican filmmaker and poet Fernando Sampietro. Lerner is a critic and documentary filmmaker. His documentaries Ruins, Frontierland, and Natives have screened at festivals internationally and he teaches media studies at the Claremont Colleges in California. Lerner is a contributing editor to Cabinet.

Tan Lin on short-wave number stations. Lin is a poet and cultural critic. His latest book of poetry is Lotion Bullwhip Giraffe (Sun and Moon Press) and his writings have appeared in Artbyte and Purple Prose. Lin is a contributing editor to Cabinet.

Eben Moglen in conversation with Jay Worthington on the cultural implications of the free software movement. Moglen is a professor of law at Columbia University and general counsel to the Free Software Foundation. Jay Worthington is a writer, programmer, and designer living in New York City. He is a co-author of Busting the Mob: United States vs. Cosa Nostra and is co-artistic director of Clubbed Thumb, a performing arts production company in New York.

Luke Murphy: postcard project and a text on the recent Love Bug virus. Murphy is a New York-based artist who last showed at Wynnick-Tuck Gallery in Toronto.

Frances Richard on glass eyes as a prothesis that reinterprets the body part it is meant to replace. Frances Richard is a writer who lives in Brooklyn. She is a frequent contributor to Artforum and non-fiction editor of the literary journal Fence.

John Roberts on errors, failures, accidents in artmaking. Roberts is the author of The Art of Interruption: Realism, Photography and the Everyday (St. Martin`s Press, 1998) and has written for a wide number of journals and magazines, including New Left Review, Radical Philosophy and the Oxford Art Journal. He is currently finishing his first novel.

Dan Rosenberg on Hélène Smith (a turn of the century Swiss medium) and her visitations to Mars. Rosenberg is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Oregon. His most recent publications include works on Denis Diderot and the Hoover Dam.

Renata Salecl on war and soldier`s anxiety. Salecl is a researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her latest book is (Per)versions of Love and Hate (Verso).

David Scher: artist project. Scher is a pencil holder, clarinetist with Frank Noise, member of Subvoyant, and founder of the Dept. of Lettering.

David Serlin on surgery websites. David Serlin is a contributing editor to Cabinet. His forthcoming books include Artificial Parts and Practical Lives: Histories of Modern Prosthetics (NYU Press) and Not Who We Used to Be: Remaking the American Body in Postwar Culture (University of Chicago Press).

Sabira Ståhlberg in conversation with Nina Katchadourian on the fate of Esperanto. Ståhlberg has served as vice president of the World Organization of Young Esperantists from 1991-1993 and currently serves as editor-in-chief of the online Esperanto magazine Kontakto. Katchadourian is an artist based in New York.

Allen Weiss on the philosophical implications of cuisine. Weiss teaches at the Performance Studies and Cinema Studies Departments at New York University. He is the author of numerous books, including Phantasmic Radio (Duke University Press) and Mirrors of Infinity: The French Formal Garden and 17th-Century Metaphysics (Princeton Architectural Press). Weiss is an editor at Cabinet.

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss on NATO`s misunderstanding of Serbian cultural history and its effects on NATO‚s decision to bomb certain buildings in Belgrade. Weiss is an architect from Belgrade living in New York City. He is a co-founder of Normal Group for Architecture, a critical office for architectural theory and practice. He has taught advanced studios in architecture at Columbia University together with Homa Farjadi and he is one of the authors of the upcoming book Harvard Guide to Shopping with Rem Koolhaas and a group of thesis students. Jovanovic Weiss is a contributing editor to Cabinet.

Gregory Whitehead on the market for famous dead people`s body parts. Whitehead is a playwright for the theater of the invisibles. His researches into the bone trade are the subject of a forthcoming film Death and the Market. He is the co-editor of Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio, and the Avant-Garde (M.I.T. Press).

Gregory Williams on construction billboards and stock photography. Williams is an art critic and historian living in New York. He is an editor at Cabinet.