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Spring 2007


Inventory / Yellow Pages

Julie Sinclair Eakin

Colors / Brown

Alan GilbertWhat can it do for You?

Ingestion / Kitchen Confidential

Jeffrey KastnerWhen artists cook

A Minor History Of / Miniature Writing

Joshua FoerA timeline of teeny tiny text


Photoagentur Potemkin

Adam Jasper

A Wrinkle in Time

Kris Belden-Adams

Artist Project / Your Standard

Charles Goldman


Daniel Heller-Roazen

Artist Project / Actors at Work

David Levine

Artist Project / German Photographs (1724–2005)

Patrick Lakey

Being There

Leland de la DurantayeOn the trail of Heidegger


A Lot of Gall

Christopher Turner

Days of the Locust: An Interview with Jeffrey Lockwood

David Serlin and Jeffrey Lockwood

Artist Project / Mutations

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger


Steve Featherstone

Armies of the Night

Mark Dery

Entomological Etymology

Colin Sonner

Artist Project / Partial Index (Times and Deaths of Loved Ones)

Rheim Alkadhi


Steven Connor

Web Media

Margaret Wertheim

The Language of the Bees: An Interview with Hugh Raffles

Sina Najafi and Hugh RafflesKarl von Frisch and his “little comrades”

Virgil’s Fly

George Pendle

The Ecology of the Termite Gut: An Interview with Jared Leadbetter

Margaret Wertheim and Jared Leadbetter

Artist Project / Trichopterae

Hubert Duprat


Postcard / Correct Pinning Methods for Common Insects

Bookmark / Book Lice

Emilie Clark