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Issue 27 Mountains Fall 2007

Table of Contents

This issue, with a themed section on Mountains, is 112 pages. It reaches new peaks; read with caution.

Columns Main
  • Making Sense at the Movies
    Amelie Hastie
    Habit and memory by the light of the silver screen
  • Readymade Remade
    Leland de la Durantaye
    Pierre Pinoncelli and the legacy of Duchamp's "fountains"
  • Artist Projects / CMYK
    Mathew Brannon, Morgan Fisher, Liam Gillick, Amy Granat, Elin Hansdottir & Darri Lorenzen, Leslie Hewitt, Cory McCorkle, and James Welling
    Curated by Walead Beshty
  • Ready for Takeoff
    Viktoria Tkaczyk
    Robert Hooke's flying experiments
  • Men of War
    The faces behind the weapons
  • Figuring Life
    Margaret Wertheim
    Redrawing Darwin's evolutionary tree
Mountains And
  • Postcard / Russian Mountains
    Ryo Manabe
  • Bookmark / The Growing Pains of Mont Blanc
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