Issue 51 Wheels Fall 2013

Table of Contents

  • Ingestion / Liquid Power
    Merry White
    Japan's handmade coffee culture
  • Colors / Aquamarine
    Carol Mavor
    No past, no future
  • Legend / The Punished Aroma of Colportage
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    Cold notions, cold pastorals, cold cases
  • Inventory / Piggy Bankrupt
    Luis Molina-Pantin
    Souvenirs from the Venezuelan banking crisis
  • Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
    Cabinet pays its debt to society
  • Communiqué #3
    Reprinted from Tidal, September 2012
  • Making Up Hollywood
    Sasha Archibald
    Max Factor and the invention of modern cosmetics
  • Artist Project / The Barragán Archives
    Jill Magid
  • Smoking, Reading, Daydreaming
    Susan Zieger
    Cigarette cards as a technology of knowledge
  • Sex and Anti-Sex
    Aaron Schuster
    The monstrous modern couple
  • The Anti-Sexus
    Andrei Platonov
    A new device for the Soviet market
  • Artist Project / Meat Hook
    Karen Yama
  • A Counterfeit Utopia
    Robert Antoni
    The fate of John Adolphus Etzler's tropical paradise
  • Artist Project / Control Order House
    Edmund Clark
  • A Wheel in a Wheel
    D. Graham Burnett
    Sprewells and the unleashing of blur
  • Spin Doctors: An Interview with Simon Schaffer
    Christopher Turner and Simon Schaffer
    The absolutist promise of perpetual motion
  • Dialed In
    Suzanne Karr Schmidt
    The volvelle and early modern computation
  • Turn, Turn, Turn: An Interview with John V. Fleming
    Jeff Dolven and John V. Fleming
    A ride on the wheel of fortune
  • Postcard / The Wheel Deal
  • Bookmark / Queasy Rider
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