Fall 2013


Ingestion / Liquid Power

Merry WhiteJapan’s handmade coffee culture

Colors / Aquamarine

Carol MavorNo past, no future

Legend / The Punished Aroma of Colportage

Wayne KoestenbaumCold notions, cold pastorals, cold cases

Inventory / Piggy Bankrupt

Luis Molina-PantinSouvenirs from the Venezuelan banking crisis


Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Cabinet pays its debt to society

Communiqué #3

AnonymousReprinted from Tidal, September 2012

Making Up Hollywood

Sasha ArchibaldMax Factor and the invention of modern cosmetics

Artist Project / The Barragán Archives

Jill Magid

Smoking, Reading, Daydreaming

Susan ZiegerCigarette cards as a technology of knowledge

Sex and Anti-Sex

Aaron SchusterThe monstrous modern couple

The Anti-Sexus

Andrei PlatonovA new device for the Soviet market

Artist Project / Meat Hook

Karen Yama

A Counterfeit Utopia

Robert AntoniThe fate of John Adolphus Etzler’s tropical paradise

Artist Project / Control Order House

Edmund Clark


A Wheel in a Wheel

D. Graham BurnettSprewells and the unleashing of blur

Spin Doctors: An Interview with Simon Schaffer

Christopher Turner and Simon SchafferThe absolutist promise of perpetual motion

Dialed In

Suzanne Karr SchmidtThe volvelle and early modern computation

Turn, Turn, Turn: An Interview with John V. Fleming

Jeff Dolven and John V. FlemingA ride on the wheel of fortune


Postcard / The Wheel Deal

Bookmark / Queasy Rider