6 December 2007
Cabinet and Slought Foundation’s Sloth conference is covered by the New York Sun

Fall 2007­­
Eye covers recent collaborations by Cabinet and Implicasphere­

27 November 2007
A short run-down of Cabinet’s recent issue in the National Post

6 October 2007
A very thoughtful and detailed article on what we at Cabinet are up to, by the people at Luna Park Review

28 September 2007
Washington Post article on Cabinet, then reprinted in the Houston Chronicle

21 September 2007
Washington Post article on Cabinet reprinted in the Los Angeles Times

18 September 2007
Article on Cabinet in the pages of the Washington Post

14 July 2007
Haaretz retraces Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip

5 July 2007
Harper’s blogs about Heidegger and Leland de la Durantaye’s essay on the philosopher’s cabin from Cabinet no. 25

14 June 2007
The New York Times obituary for Rudolf Arnheim mentions his interview in Cabinet no. 2

24 May 2007
Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip is shortlisted for the 2007 Rossica Translation Prize

Spring 2007
Texas-based art magazine ARTL!ES invades Cabinetlandia

Spring 2007
Cabinet seems to be the luxury traveler’s magazine of choice, at least according to Outside’s Go

13 February 2007
Review of “Shadows” issue in the Boston Globe

25 January 2007
Cabinet brings some miracle fruit to the meeting of the Athanasius Kircher Society and the Gothamist takes a bite

31 December 2006
Swedish-Finnish Helsinki-based daily Hufvudstadsbladet reviews Cabinet’s new book Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip (warning: in Swedish!)

27 December 2006
ArtKrush interviews Cabinet editor-in-chief Sina Najafi

23 December 2006
Stockholm-based newspaper Dagens Nyheter bites into our Fruits issue and likes it (warning: in Swedish!)

12 December 2006
Blogcritics Magazine reviews Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip

3 December 2006
The Columbus Dispatch weighs in on Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip

3 December 2006
The New York Times Book Review recommends Presidential Doodles for its Christmas season

November–December 2006
Cabinet nominated for “Best Writing” in Utne’s Independent Press Awards

November–December 2006
The Utne Reader reprints Mark Dery’s “In Search of Ancient Astronauts: A Requiem for the Space Age,” from Cabinet no. 18

20 November 2006
The Oregonian reviews Presidential Doodles

19 November 2006
London’s Sunday Times magazine gives many pages over to cover Presidential Doodles

5 November 2006
Sina Najafi and Sasha Archibald of Cabinet are interviewed on CBS Morning News about Cabinet’s new book Presidential Doodles, along with David Greenberg, contracted by Cabinet to write the intro and captions for the book

November 2006
WWD Scoop on Presidential Doodles

31 October 2006
Tempest reviews Cabinet

19 October 2006
Two on one day! USA Today also reviews Presidential Doodles

19 October 2006
USA Today reviews Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip

13 October 2006
Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip catches the attention of Pilastered.com

11–17 October 2006
Presidential Doodles recommended by the Village Voice

8 October 2006
Cabinet’s new book Presidential Doodles gets full coverage in The Washington Post Book World

October 2006
Harper’s reprints an edited version of Shimon Naveh’s contribution to Cabinet’s “Insecurity” issue

October 2006
A starred review of Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip in the October 2006 issue of Booklist

New York Metro on Presidential Doodles

September/October 2006
Culture & Travel on Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip

24 September 2006
David Greenberg, contracted by Cabinet to write the text for its new book on Presidential Doodles, writes an article on doodles for the Los Angeles Times

22 September 2006
Even WFMU likes Presidential Doodles

22 September 2006
ABC News on Cabinet’s Presidential Doodles

21 September 2006
NPR on Presidential Doodles

21 September 2006
Presidential Doodles is on the front page of Yahoo!

21 September 2006
Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Presidential Doodles

20 September 2006
AOL Books loves Presidential Doodles

16 September 2006
Presidential Doodles makes the front page of AOL News

14 & 20 September 2006
Wonkette looks at Presidential Doodles

September 2006
The Atlantic Monthly gets first serial rights to Presidential Doodles

28 August 2006
The Atlantic online interviews Cabinet editor-in-chief Sina Najafi about Presidential Doodles and Cabinet

25 August 2006
Senator George Allen featured in the Washington Post reading Presidential Doodles!

21 August 2006
Stockholm-based daily Dagens Nyheter reviews Cabinet’s issue on “Insecurity”

June/July/August 2006
Cabinet submits to some very personal questions in Frieze

12 June 2006
Cabinet’s “Iron Artist” event at PS1 is covered (shoddily) on NPR

12 June 2006
“Iron Artist” in the New York Times

12 June 2006
“Iron Artist” in the New York Magazine

8–14 June 2006
“Iron Artist” in Time Out New York

3 June 2006
The Guardian reviews Cabinet in its Guardian Unlimited section

13-19 April 2006
Ruination conference in Time Out New York

4 February 2006
Chilean newspaper Que Pasa profiles Cabinet

February 2006
Cabinet reviewed in Baltimore’s Urbanite

January/February 2006
“Odd Lots” exhibition reviewed in Frieze

January 2006
Feature article on “Odd Lots” exhibition in Art in America

January 2006
Cabinetlandia appraised in New Mexico Magazine

29 December 2005–4 January 2006
“Odd Lots” picked as one of the best exhibitions of 2005 by Time Out New York

Cabinet feature on crocheted hyperbolic space is discussed in the Wheel

25 December 2005
Michael Kimmelman’s highs and lows of 2005 notes Cabinet’s Gordon Matta-Clark exhibit at the Queens Museum and White Columns

December 2005
Odd Lots reviewed in Art News

December 2005
Odd Lots reviewed in Art Nexus

December 2005
Shelley Jackson’s “Skin” project launched in Cabinet no. 11 is discussed in the Believer

24–30 November 2005
Cabinet’s 2006 limited editions endorsed (!) by Time Out New York

November 2005
Cabinet is nominated for a 2005 Utne Independent Press Award

November 2005
Item from Cabinet no. 18 reprinted in Harper’s

November 2005
Odd Lots reviewed in Modern Painters

29 September–5 October 2005
Odd Lots reviewed in Time Out New York

12 September 2005
Odd Lots is given a promotional push by New York Magazine

9 September 2005
Odd Lots is featured in an article on the cover of the Arts section of the New York Times

8–14 September 2005
Odd Lots gets a medal in Time Out New York

September 2005
Odd Lots is pushed as a possibly excellent show in Artforum

August/September 2005
Crocheted hyperbolics from Cabinet no. 16 mentioned in American Craft

Fall 2005
Cabinet’s editor-in-chief ends up in NYU Alumni Magazine

Fall 2005
Roger Andersson’s ABC book, published by Cabinet, finds some supporters at the New York Times Style Magazine

21 July 2005
The Hill notes the acquisition of the Presidential Doodles book by Basic Books

15 July 2005
Cabinet’s “Fictional States” issue is given a very sympathetic mention by Roberta Smith at the New York Times

23 June 2005
Article about “The Summit: A General Assembly with Representatives of Real and Possible Countries,” a Cabinet and New School symposium followed by a party full of dignitaries to celebrate Cabinet’s new issue on “Fictional States” in the New York Sun

2–8 June 2005
The Truckazine is reviewed in Time Out New York

17 May 2005
Article about Cabinet and the Princeton University symposium “The Perfect Little Magazine” in the New York Sun

13 March 2005
David Henderson and Daina Taimina, Cornell University’s “crocheting mathematicians” interviewed by Margaret Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring in Cabinet no. 16, interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered. The interview resulted from the joint event that Cabinet and the Institute organized at the Kitchen on 5 February 2005

2 March 2005
Newsday article on the talk that Cabinet and the Institute for Figuring co-organized at the Kitchen with mathematicians David Henderson and Daina Taimina from Cornell University on 5 February 2005

March 2005
Cabinet noted in Frieze magazine’s review of Put About, a symposium on contemporary independent arts publishing hosted by Tate Modern in 2004

March 2005
Book Works, which organized the symposium, has just published an interesting symposium companion volume featuring several never-before-seen, full-color reproductions of ENEMY-issue covers-that-might-have-been

March 2005
Modern Painters comes to terms with Roger Andersson’s Letters From Mayhem

10 February 2005
The New York Times runs an article about Cabinet right above the crossword puzzle

15 January 2005
Cabinet’s paper sculpture projects discussed in Canada’s National Post

Book Works’ Put About: A Critical Anthology includes a roundtable discussion with Cabinet’s editors on cover selection

December 2004
Harper’s magazine reprints Bernard Rudofsky’s drawings from Cabinet no. 15. Produced in 1944, these drawings “simulate X-ray examinations of the layers upon layers of useless buttons and pockets man considers necessary to preserve dignity”

November/December 2004
Cabinet nominated for a 2004 Utne Independent Press award in the category of “Arts/Creativity Coverage”

November/December 2004
Cabinet’s “Doubles” issue (no. 14), produced in conjunction with Kabinet magazine in St. Petersburg, is one of thirty-four “artworks” composing “Flipside,” an exhibition organized by CEC ArtsLink, a generous organization supporting the exhange of artists between the US and Russia. The exhibition, which took place at Artists Space, New York, between November 11 and December 18, 2004, was accompanied by a catalogue

22 November 2004
The Paper Sculpture Book named “item of the week” by Style.com

18 November 2004
Roger Andersson’s Letters From Mayhem lands a spot in Time Out New York’s 2004 Holiday Gift Guide

6 November 2004
Danish newspaper Politiken profiles the presidential doodles that appeared in Cabinet no. 14

Fall 2004
Danish art magazine Øjeblikket reprints several of the doodles by US presidents from Cabinet no. 14. (A Kennedy doodle—“Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam” etc.—fills the cover)

12 September 2004
Luc Sante’s article on the color sepia in Cabinet no. 14 is reviewed in the Boston Globe’s “Ideas” section

July 2004
Cabinet no. 13 (“Futures”) reviewed in Ongoing

May 2004
Cabinet seems to have some supporters at Jane

March/April 2004
Cabinet’s issue on “Pharmacopia” gets a seriously meticulous review at High Times

Cabinet is reviewed in Poland’s Czas Kultury

Winter 2003
“The Paper Sculpture Book” is reviewed in Bookforum

15 November 2003
Shelley Jackson’s “Skin” project, originally presented in Cabinet no. 11, reviewed in the Guardian

13 November 2003
The Diverse Works installment of the Paper Sculpture Show reviewed in the Houston Press

4 October 2003
“The Paper Sculpture Show” reviewed in Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette

2 October 2003
The Guardian on Cabinet’s most phallic building competition

October 2003
“The Paper Sculpture Show” as one of the Critics’ Picks in Artforum

October 2003
Shelley Jackson’s “Skin,” launched in Cabinet no. 11, is reviewed in Review

29 September 2003
An article in the German newspaper Heise on Jonathan Ames’s “Most Phallic Building” contest on the Cabinet site

23 September 2003
Cabinet named “Best Arts Quarterly” for 2003 by New York Press

17 September 2003
The Village Voice notes Shelley Jackson’s “Skin”

16 September 2003
A short article in the print and online versions of Newsweek on Shelley Jackson’s extraordinary project “Skin” launched in Cabinet no. 11

“The Paper Sculpture Show” is plugged in Time Out New York

12 September 2003
An article in the New York Times on the “Paper Sculpture Show.” NB: The article misattributes some of the artists’ contributions

September 2003
A revisionist founding myth for Cabinet written by editor-in-chief Sina Najafi for the Irish arts magazine Circa. Note: The line about Cabinet being “one of New York’s best-regarded art magazines” was a late addition by the Irish

31 August 2003
An article in Newsday on the “Paper Sculpture Show”

28 August 2003
Two articles in the Queens Chronicle: the first on Cabinet’s Gordon Matta-Clark project from issue no. 10

28 August 2003
...and the second on “The Paper Sculpture Show”

August 2003
An article on the Erasing Clouds website on the best of the new print magazine

30 July 2003
A brief article on Page Six of the New York Post announcing Jonathan Ames’s “Most Phallic Building in the World” contest profiled elsewhere on this site

July 2003
An article from the New York Times on Cabinet’s Gordon Matta-Clark project from issue no. 10 (“Property”)

January 2003
An interview in republicart with Sara Reisman, curator of “Inscribing the Temporal”, a show in Vienna which included Cabinet­

January 2002
John Strasbaugh of New York Press notes Daria Vaisman’s article, “The Acoustics of War,” from Cabinet no. 5

October 2001
New York Press names Cabinet “Best New Arts & Culture Magazine” for 2001

October 2001
Wallpaper* says every good bookshelf ought to have Cabinet

May 2001
Library Journal picks Cabinet as one of its “Best New Magazines of 2000.” We don’t know why he thinks we’re named after a phonebooth from the British TV series Dr. Who, though. It must be that awkward metaphor that ran away from us in our only ever attempt at an editorial