Issue 50 Money Summer 2013

Table of Contents

  • Ingestion / Diplomatic Service
    Paul Freedman
    The ceremony of the state dinner
  • Colors / International Orange
    Adam Jasper
    Painting the civilian future
  • Legend / Zitty Christ
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    Maculate complexion
  • Inventory / Material Wisdom
    Adrian Young
    Learning from object lessons
  • It’s All Dark
    Justin E. H. Smith
    Toward a history of the dark side of the moon
  • The Frog Prince
    Kevin McCann
    The amphibian cosmology of Jean-Pierre Brisset
  • Musical Wires
    Lev Bratishenko
    Listening to the Théâtrophone
  • A Philosophy of Tickling
    Aaron Schuster
    A sensation between physics and metaphysics
  • The Orc and the Penguin
    Dominic Pettman
    Diagonal existences, virtual and real
  • The Bunkerization of Albania
    David Pike
    Repurposing the architecture of militaristic isolationism
  • Relational Economics
    D. Graham Burnett
    Tabua and the question of currency
  • Artist Project / Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta
    Conrad Bakker
  • Passing Strange: An Interview with Stephen Mihm
    Jeffrey Kastner and Stephen Mihm
    Capitalists and counterfeiters in nineteenth-century America
  • Artist Project / Gold Dust
    Peter Simensky
  • Infinite Exchange
    Geoff Manaugh
    Going for gold
  • Artist Project / Conjured Body (William Grant)
    Andrew Hurle
  • The Rise of Inflation
    Rebecca L. Spang
    Bursting the bubble
  • Artist Project / Money Action for Cabinet II
    Sal Randolph
  • Postcard / Karl Marx Considers His Prospects
  • Bookmark / Money Action for Cabinet
    Sal Randolph
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