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All books published by Cabinet Books unless otherwise noted.

Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine (2012)
This anthology gathers some of the most interesting successes, and a few instructive failures, published in the first forty issues of Cabinet. Taking the form of an illustrated encyclopedia, the idiosyncratic entries include Addiction, Animal Architecture, Goalkeeping, Micronation, Otolith, Sandal, Worlding, and Zoosemiotics. This hardcover book is over 500 pages long and a must for the intellectually curious!

The Moiré Effect, by Lytle Shaw (with Bookhorse, 2012)
The Moiré Effect tracks Ernst Moiré from his humble Alpine beginnings as the son of a postal clerk to his fateful founding of a Zurich photography studio in the 1890s and his subsequent role in the lives of a number of curious figures.

I Am Sitting in a Room, by Brian Dillon (2011)
The inaugural volume in Cabinet’s new “24-Hour Book” series, Brian Dillon’s book explores the scenography and architecture of writing itself. Inspired in part by Georges Perec's short fragment in Species of Spaces on Antonello da Messina's painting of St. Jerome in his study, Dillon’s text is both a personal reflection on the theatrics of the study, the library, and the office, and a historical consideration of such writerly paraphernalia as Proust’s bed, Nabokov’s index cards, and Philip Roth’s moustache.

An Exchange with Sol LeWitt, catalogue (2011)
Catalogue for the exhibition “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt,” which took place at Cabinet and MASS MoCA in winter 2011. Featuring an introduction by curator Regine Basha. Printed in black and white on newsprint.

A Little Common Place Book (with Proteotypes, 2010)
Part pocket-sized filing cabinet, part indexing guide, this hardcover notebook is a facsimile of a 1797 book that boasts an essay on the art of commonplacing as practiced by John Locke and 144 blank pages for collecting your thoughts.

The Book of Stamps (2008)
Sumptuously designed and printed, this cloth-bound volume features fifteen detachable, perforated, and gummed full-page sheets of limited edition, artist-designed stamps.

Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip (with Princeton Architectural Press, 2007)
In 1935, well into the era of Soviet Communism, Russian satirical writers Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov came to the US as special correspondents for Pravda. They drove cross-country and back on a two-month trip, recording their impressions of American life with text and photographs.

Presidential Doodles (Basic Books, 2006; paperback, 2007)
An expansion of a project that first appeared in Cabinet no. 12, Presidential Doodles is a catalogue of the most delightful and terrifying doodles by US presidents and is accompanied by essays by Paul Collins and David Greenberg.

Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s Fake Estates (2005)
In the early 1970s, Gordon Matta-Clark discovered that the City of New York periodically auctioned off improbably tiny and frequently inaccessible parcels of land created by zoning eccentricities. Fascinated by these spaces, he bought fifteen of them (fourteen in Queens, and one in Staten Island) for between $25 and $75 each, photographed them and collated the photographs with the appropriate deeds and maps. He called the project Fake Estates.

Letters from Mayhem, by Roger Andersson and Albert Mobilio (2004)
This sixty-four-page artist book consists of twenty-six watercolors by the Swedish artist Roger Andersson, each depicting one letter of the alphabet and accompanied by text by poet Albert Mobilio. Printed on thick board in the format of a children's ABC primer, each letter is embedded in a fairytale setting in which wispy long-haired teenagers lie around stoned, sniffing glue, listening to heavy metal, and so on.

The Paper Sculpture Book (with Independent Curators International and SculptureCenter, 2003)
Inspired by a project in Cabinet no. 4, this full-color book contains twenty-nine artist-designed paper sculptures to tear out and build yourself.

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