Issue 54 The Accident Summer 2014

Table of Contents

  • Leftovers / These Were Once Kings and Queens in Wax
    David Serlin
    After the fire at Madame Tussaud’s
  • Legend / Jug Jug to Dirty Ears
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    On the pleasure principle’s treadmill
  • Colors / Hooker’s Green
    David Frankel
    Botanical verisimilitude
  • Inventory / Banned in the USA
    Tobias Armborst, Daniel D'Oca, and Georgeen Theodore
    The homogenizing prohibitions of Common Interest Developments
  • Tombstones and Toys
    D. Graham Burnett
    The artifact of the deal
  • The Invention of Clumsiness
    Alexi Worth
    The hybrid provocations of Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe
  • Artist Project / Parallelograms
    Steve Rowell
  • Protection and Negation
    Miguel Caballero
    The fate of Madrid’s monuments during the Spanish Civil War
  • Drone Semiosis
    Mark Dorrian
    Weaponry and witnessing
The Accident
  • A Decent Interval
    Greg Siegel
    How long does a building stand before it falls?
  • Don’t Look Away
    Alexander Nagel
    The comedy of the fall
  • The Tchaikovsky Dream Continuum
    Dorion Sagan
    Arriving at an accidental destination
  • Accidentally on Purpose
    Aden Kumler
    Aristotle, Aquinas, and the enigmas of transubstantiation
  • Wonders Taken for Signs: An Interview with Michael Witmore
    Sina Najafi, Justin E. H. Smith, and Michael Witmore
    Enter stage right: The Accident
  • The Virgin Doesn’t Care Why You Fall
    James Oles
    Ex-votos and the imagery of salvation
  • After the Falls
    Edward Eigen
    On the loss and return of William W. Slack, architect
  • Blown All to Nothing
    Brian Dillon
    Explosives, spark, crater
  • Bookmark / The Nuclear Family Event Scale
  • Postcard / To Sleep, Perchance to Crash
  • Kiosk / Summer 2014
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