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— Our website features Cabinet’s entire archive of published articles, the majority of which are available for free to all visitors. In addition, we publish a fully open-access online publication called Kiosk, whose shorter and more topical essays attract an overlapping but distinct readership. As of 1 July 2023, our site attracts more than a million unique visitors per year (1,077,732, to be exact, excluding our Shop).

— In addition to some 5,000 individual subscribers, we have more than 300 institutional subscriptions, including universities such as Yale and UCLA, museums such as MoMA and Tate, and municipal libraries across the world. These institutional subscriptions provide access to hundreds of thousands of additional readers.

— Our readers include a highly diverse mix of artists, art professionals, cultural critics, academics, designers, students, and scientists. The readership is as varied as the articles themselves, but all our readers are voracious bibliophiles with a deep interest in the arts.

— The print edition of the magazine has been widely distributed in the US at newsstands, independent bookstores, and museum shops since 2000. It has also been available in more than thirty countries abroad, including Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Australia, and Japan. The many thousands of devoted readers of the print edition in these countries have continued to read the magazine online.


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