Summer 2006


And the winner is…


To be honest, the Grand Lottery Vizier’s rather shocking command that our Fall 2005 “Chance” issue include a Crazy Topsy-Turvy Two-Page Reader Giveaway Bonanza-Stravaganza™, was met with some trepidation at the Cabinet home office. After all, one of the meager perks allowed those of us who make the magazine is that we generally get to decide what goes into it. Of course, though, when the GLV says jump, one cannot help but ask “how high?” and so we set to the task, establishing the complex administrative regime necessary to govern the enterprise and then waiting, anxiously, for the readers’ coupons to roll in. And roll in they did—no fewer than 467 by the given deadline—leaving the Vizier and his minions with the happy, if daunting, task of opening envelopes, deciphering handwriting, pocketing the occasional modest bribe, and then, after fashioning the Choosing Vessel from which the winner would be drawn, placing the entries within said Vessel. Though the tension was thick on the fateful Day of Choosing, all went well and a victor was selected (see www.cabinetmagazine.
org/issues/19/editorbychance.php for footage of the ceremony).

To the relief of all concerned, that victor turned out to be one Maggie Cutler, a smart and skillful writer from New York City who, after being paid a personal visit by Cabinet editors bearing bodega tulips, happily accepted the terms of the endeavor and began her work fully outside our control and sanction. The fascinating results of all this business we are pleased and proud to present, as promised, at

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