Spring 2007

Artist Project / German Photographs (1724–2005)

The spaces of philosophy

Patrick Lakey

This project documents the places where German-speaking philosophers, from Kant to Adorno, lived and worked. Travelling through Germany, England, Switzerland, and ending up in Los Angeles, Lakey has photographed the places where these thinkers wrote, thought, lived, and, in some cases, died. According to Lakey, “the idea is to look at their surroundings, to see what they saw. … Each photograph asks what the specificity of a place may mean.”

Patrick Lakey, Wittgenstein: Whewell’s Court, Trinity College, Cambridge, England, I, 2005. All images courtesy the artist and the Happy Lion Gallery.
Patrick Lakey, Nietzsche: Nietzsche’s House, Sils-Maria, Switzerland, III, 2004.

For more from Lakey’s series, see Leland de la Durantaye’s article “Being There” in this issue.

Patrick Lakey is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. His newest body of work, An Abyss of Folly, is on view at the Happy Lion from 20 April to 26 May 2007. Visit www.thehappylion.com [link defunct—Eds.] and www.patricklakey.com for more information.

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