Spring 2007

Artist Project / Your Standards

Charles Goldman

To see the artist project which prompted these photographs, go ­here.

­Nancy Bach's Standard.

Jules Manoogian's Standard. Italian, presumably.

Esme Baker's Standard. Chromophilia gone mad.

A happy Standard by Sophie Indiana Baker.

Richard Baker's Standard. Unruffled by the harsh road condition.

A Toyota Standard engineered by Peter Wilson.

Jeanne Liotta's Standards. Built only with scissors and scotch tape. The one on the right is made by tracing the pattern on a sheet of newspaper.

A column of Your Standard, built during a drawing workshop conducted by Christine Mackey at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

Hal Lawrence's Standard

Have you made Your Standard?
Please share it by sending the image to this email address. We will post it here on this page.

To learn about the project, click here.

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