Spring 2008


Inventory / Index for Der Räuber

Helen MirraPossibility, as silently purring

Ingestion / Hexed House

Mark MorrisNibble, nibble

A Minor History Of / Time without Clocks

Joshua FoerDo tell

Colors / Opal

Emily RoysdonLose color, lose gem



Brian DillonTesting the waters

The Origins of Cybex Space

Carolyn de la PeñaGustav Zander’s amazing gymnastic devices

Artist Project / Moscow Drawing

Dan PerjovschiWindow display

The Writing of Stones

Marina WarnerRoger Caillois’s imaginary logic

The Imaginary Engineer

Kris LeeKarl Hans Janke’s flights of fancy

Reversing the Regular Order of Nature: An Interview with Emilie Clark

Frances Richard and Emilie ClarkMary Ward, Mary Treat, Martha Maxwell, and the place of the female naturalist in nineteenth-century science

Artist Project / Wear Them All

San KellerMade in the shades

Building a Better Snowflake: An Interview with Kenneth Libbrecht

Margaret Wertheim and Kenneth LibbrechtSomething in the air

The Game of War: An Overview

Alexander R. GallowayChess with networks

The Game of War: Debord as Strategist

McKenzie WarkOccupation, evacuation, contestation


The Young and the Restless

Daniel RosenbergA history of busy idleness

Vasectomania, and Other Cures for Sloth

Christopher TurnerBetter living through monkey glands

The Recline of Western Civilization

Laura Nahmias and Nicholas NaumanThe story of the remote control


Marina van ZuylenPhilosophies of fatigue

Artist Project / Sloth Index

William JusticeListlessness listed

Far Niente: An Interview with Pierre Saint-Amand

Sina Najafi and Pierre Saint-AmandLaziness and the enlightenment

Fast, Trusted, Proven?

CabinetToward a CliffsNotes™ for the Sloth section


Postcard / Sleep-Learning

Night school

Bookmark / Untitled

Joe DevlinReading debris