Winter 2009–2010

Filing Form 3526 (Four Drafts for the Brooklyn P.O.)

A bureaucratic aufhebung

Domestic Mail Manual, with Jeff Dolven

The information provided on Form 3526 must allow the USPS to determine whether the publication meets the standards for Periodicals mailing privileges.

This information includes, as applicable, the idylls of the idler, the massaging idler, the blandishers, and yearners; the yearning cooperative and its sharesharers; nude blisshandlers, moremakers, and other sublimity-harborers; and the ecstasy and nakedness of the celebration of the pacification, infolding the numberless copia disinhibited, the mayday of disinhibition, and how much of the celebration is play, in whole or in part.


This information includes, as applicable, the integrity of the edified, the more-or-less edified, the penitents, and the honest; the honest commons and its staunchholders; noble freeholders, manatees, and other serenity-shoulderers; and the extenuations and negotiations of the certification of the petition, implicating the niceties of comprehensive dissemination, the mayhap of dissemination, and how much of the petition is staid, in whole or in part.


This information includes, as applicable, the agony of the undertaker, the menacing undertaker, the punishers, and groaners; the groaning commonweal and its slaveholders; numb bondsmen, mortality, and utter sanity-moulder; and the rent and rupture of the survival of the nation, incomprehending the numbness of communities disintegrated, the mayhem of disintegration, and how much of the nation is betrayed, in whole or in part.


This information includes, as applicable, the identity of the editor, managing editor, publishers, and owners; the owning corporation and its stockholders; known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders; and the extent and nature of the circulation of the publication, including the number of copies distributed, the methods of distribution, and how much of the circulation is paid, in whole or in part.


Read more about the USPS Form 3526 here.

Jeff Dolven teaches Renaissance literature at Princeton University. His poems travel widely through the mails.

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