Summer 2010

Artist Project / Transmission

Under carriages

Maria Friberg

Maria Friberg’s “Transmission” project considers the automobile both as an icon of freedom and mobility and as a vehicle for irreversible environmental impact. The cars in the series were photographed from underneath while resting on a large sheet of glass, giving them the appearance of ships sailing on the surface of a calm ocean or airplanes crossing a clear, blue sky. By suppressing the fetishized visible figure of the car in favor of its infrastructural undercarriage, the images celebrate the automobile—whose beauty extends even to its functional core—even as they lament the ecological damage produced by this usually hidden machinery.

Maria Friberg is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and Gotland. In 2010, she had solo shows at Conner Contemporary in Washington, DC, and at Galleri Charlotte Lund in Stockholm. She is currently preparing a solo show to be exhibited at Gallery Bendana-Pinel in Paris in the spring of 2011. See for more information.

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