Fall 2010

Artist Project / Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Unexpected appearances

Diana Cooper

For this project, which explores the strangeness of transitional spaces and the wonder and disorientation they provoke in me, I inserted altered photos of my own sculptures into familiar architectural spaces—construction sites, jet ways, transportation terminals—so that they inexplicably become one. The result is something like seeing odd characters in an animated film or stills of an unmade disaster movie. I’ve always experienced these ubiquitous environments as abstract, slightly comic works of art, and want to help the viewer to see them that way, too.

Orlando (MCO), 2010. Images courtesy of the artist and Postmasters Gallery.
East End, 2010.
Fiumicino (FCO), 2010.
Bainbridge Ferry, 2010.

Diana Cooper, an artist living in New York City, is represented by Postmasters Gallery, where she will be having her next solo show in 2011. In 2007, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland mounted an exhibition of her work from the previous decade, and published Beyond the Line: the Art of Diana Cooper. In 2009, she completed “Out of the Corner of My Eye,” a permanent installation commissioned by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs and Polshek Architects. Cooper is currently working on a limited edition book with Jungle Press inspired by the instruction manuals she produces for her installations. Cooper teaches at Cooper Union.

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