Fall 2011

The Great Cabinet Office Triathlon

Our winner Alice Tai and her splendid cat, Po


During our annual benefit this past April, guests were invited to enter the Great Cabinet Office Triathlon, which challenged them to attempt a series of mundane tasks performed regularly at Cabinet headquarters: stuffing magazines into envelopes, proofreading, and shooting rubber bands. The grand prize: a page in Cabinet featuring a photograph of the winner’s favorite animal.

The fastest triathlete, architect Alice Tai, stuffed three magazines into envelopes, found two misspellings in a Cabinet text, and successfully fired a rubber band into a distant bin in thirty-two seconds flat. Tai’s astonishing performance confounded her rivals: the second-place triathlete, a distinguished scholar, was a full twenty seconds behind. Here we present Cabinet readers with Tai’s favorite animal: her splendid cat, Po.

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