Winter 2001–2002

Artist Project / Brancusi/Koons

Reflections on art

James Dawson-Hollis

James Dawson-Hollis, Untitled (The Beginning of the World, Brancusi, Philadelphia Museum)
James Dawson-Hollis, Untitled (Bunny, Koons, Philadelphia Museum)

These images were produced through macrophotography of catalogue images of shiny sculptures by Brancusi and Koons. The rooms in which the sculptures were housed are reflected in the images.

James Dawson-Hollis is an artist who currently lives and works in New York City. Recent projects include co-curation with Rachel Lowther of “Death Race 2000” at Thread Waxing Space (New York) and the production of limited edition vinyl for “Dirty Deeds Done Cheap” at the Contemporary in Atlanta.

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