Winter 2002/03

Skabetti, Peas, Apple Cake, and Ice Cream

A meal based on recipes by children

41 sausages as big as your ear
41 meatballs not as big
41 orange potatoes or tomatoes
41 skabbetti
41 clean oil

First you decide what will it be tonight—sausages or meatballs?

When your father tells you which one, then you cook. Mix the sauce in the blender so your elbows don’t hurt. When the skabbetti is done from the cooking in the broiler (2 degrees or maybe 3), get it in the silver pan with holes in it by your spoon with holes in it.

Then spread out the sauce.

It serves your whole family and all your father’s friends.

3 potatoes
2 big chickens (30 pounds)
1 roast beef
2 packages of corn
2 big pumpkins

Cook them one at a time.

Ice Cream
6 inches of cream
6 inches of milk

Put everything in a box. Put it in the freezer for one whole half a hour.

Then it starts turning into ice cream because that’s how it’s made.

Then you could eat it, but I wouldn’t. I would put it in a truck and bring it to a milk store, and I would sell it to all the people for real money.

Apple Cake
10 pounds of white food coloring
1 gallon of lovely good cake frosting
2 gallons of sugar
2 and 3 gallons of milk
1 gallon again of water
1 nice apple cake from the store

Put them all together in a bowl. Mix it with a spoon on a long stick so you don’t get your hands down in the dip. Stir it for a gallon long.

Pour it in a round pot, and put it on the right side of the stove—till the big hand is on the six.

Then take them out and put them all together and we’ll have cake.

It makes the number of pieces for a party or for dessert—because remember—the cake is the same size as the pan.

Note: If you don’t like the frosting—just scrape it off—and no fussing!

Smashed Potatoes, ed. Jane G. Martel (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1974). The book is a compilation of recipes by children at the Francis J. Muraco Elementary School in Winchester, Massachusetts.

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