Winter 2002/03

Artist Project / The Sound of Music

Sixteen going on seventeen

Barbara Pollack

Barbara Pollack, Sound of Music #6, 1999. All images courtesy Esso Gallery.
Barbara Pollack, Sound of Music #1, 1999.
Barbara Pollack, Sound of Music #5, 1999.

For an interview with Max Berger, who is Barbara Pollack’s son and often the subject of her work, see here.

Barbara Pollack is an artist and writer who has had solo shows at the Holly Solomon Gallery, Threadwaxing Space and Esso Gallery, which represents her work. Her works are in collections of major museums; her upcoming shows include “PG-13,” a two-person show of video works at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in February 2003 and an installation at Trans> in May 2003.

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