Sharjah Biennial 10 /
“Collector’s Album of Traders, Traitors, Translators, and Experientialists”

For its contribution to Sharjah Biennial 10, Cabinet magazine will present “A Collector’s Album of Traitors, Traders, Translators and Experientialists.” Featuring sixty-four trading cards, the project showcases prominent examples of four characters—the trader, the traitor, the translator, and the experientialist—important to the conceptual framework of Sharjah Biennial 10. Available at various shops in Sharjah, the trading cards—which can be collected in a special album that offers short biographical sketches—include a diverse range of historical figures, among them La Malinche, Hernan Cortes’s Nahua guide in his conquest of Mexico; Viktor Sukhodrev, Nikita Khrushchev’s favorite interpreter for US-Soviet diplomatic encounters at the height of the Cold War; Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD; and Edna Ruth Byler, one of the founding figures of the Fair Trade movement.

For more about Sharjah Biennial 10, which opens on 16 March 2011, click here.

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