Multimedia Presentation /
“Hold Your Applause: Four Takes on Clapping,” with Casey Anderson, Carol Merrill-Mirsky, Nick Tamburro, and Kate Wolf

Date: Friday, 2 May 2014, 8:00–9:30 pm
Location: Machine Project, 1200 D North Alvardo, Los Angeles (map and directions here)
Free. No RSVP necessary
Organized by Sasha Archibald and Machine Project

We are pleased to present the new installment of “Quarterly,” a series organized by Sasha Archibald and Machine Project in conjunction with Cabinet.

The third event in the series, organized on the occasion of Cabinet’s new issue on Celebration, examines the history and practice of clapping. Writer Kate Wolf will speak about clapping history, etiquette, and semiotics; musician Nick Tamburro and others will perform Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music” (1972); ethnomusicologist Carol Merrill-Mirsky will teach a clapping game played in 1980s Los Angeles playgrounds; and artist Casey Anderson will lead an interactive artwork, QUARTERS (CLAPPING).