Summer 2004


Colors / Sepia

Luc SantePicturing nostalgia

Ingestion / Food Games

Allen S. WeissSetting the table for play

Leftovers / Dung-Stones and DNA

Rob DeSalleA world of shit

Inventory / Meta-greetings

Brian McMullenThe cards behind the greeting cards


R.U.R. or R.U. Ain’t My Baby

John StrausbaughThree approaches to dehumanizing sex

The Post-Man Always Already Rings Twice

Dorion SaganFragments for an understanding of the future

Questions for the Inventor of the Tumbleweed Tank

Paul MaliszewskiThere will be another war

Artist Project / Metempsydoughsis

Declan ClarkeWho put the hole in the donut?

Artist Project / Contract for a Never-to-Be-Seen-by-the-Patron Artwork

Luis Miguel Suro and Mario Garcia TorresNot seeing is believing

Artist Project / Containment as Catastrophe

Xurban CollectiveIn southeastern Turkey, the archaeology of the checkpoint

Forget Me Not: An Interview with Geoffrey Batchen

Brian Dillon and Geoffrey BatchenThe camera as a machine of memory

The Album of Unwritten Work

Nat TrotmanThe hands of the Oddfellows



CabinetA C/Kabinet meeting

The Influencing Machine

Christopher TurnerFoot-curving, lethargy-making, spark-exploding, knee-nailing, burning out, eye-screwing, sight-stopping, roof-stringing, vital-tearing, fibre-ripping, and so on

A Short History of the Glass Mirror

Josiah McElhenyA reflection on the self

Artist Project / TVs (From Catalogs)

Penelope UmbricoScreen savors

Artist Project / Quick-Start Guide for Double Detection

Yevgeniy Fiks and Ivan RazumovPutting the you in unique


Paul FlemingA word effaced by its double


Shelley JacksonThe twinned individual

Artist Project / Untitled

Ivan RazumovHow do I love me?

Doubled: Five Collaborations

Charles GreenThe active agent of individual disappearance

American Photographs: The Road

Ilya Ilf & Evgeny PetrovTwo Soviet writers’ travelogue of their journey through Depression-era America, translated and introduced by Erika Wolf

The Rachel Gugelberger Experience: A Collaboration of Sorts

Cabinet and Rachel Gugelberger28 cents well spent

I Am a Man Who Thinks That I Can Be Me

Peter HerbstreuthAnother exposé or another thing exposed

Artist Project / Untitled

Pavel PeppersteinSecond time as farce

In Between Space and Cosmos

Olesya Turkina and Victor MazinFrom religion to science fiction, the trajectory of Russian cosmology

Artist Project / Proposal for Total Reflective Abstraction

Josiah McElheny


Jorge Luis BorgesA poem!

The Copy and Its Evil Twin

Alexander NagelThirteen notes on forgery


Postcard 1 / A Jump Into the Antiworld

Andrei SokolovAbstract realism

Postcard 2 / Double Life

Sanja IvekovicNeither Knorr

Bookmark / Have a Doubles!

Courtesy of Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook

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Double vision