Summer 2005

Artist Project / Borderville

All along the watchtower


Invertebrate posted a request to the online film community for the titles of movies featuring border crossings. Borderville is assembled out of objects ripped from these movies.

Left to right: rain clouds, Salvador, 1986; mountains, The Great Escape, 1963; soldier with binoculars, Three Kings, 1999; customs building, Touch of Evil, 1958; Sweet & Low upholstery van, Up in Smoke, 1978; helicopters, Three Kings, 1999; moustached customs officer, The Day of the Jackal, 1973; customs officer with detector dog, Traffic, 2000; road and herd of goats, Blackboards, 2000; Mexico border point, Traffic, 2000; French customs official, The Day of the Jackal, 1973; Swiss borderline, Shining Through, 1992; Alpine mountains, The Living Daylights, 1987; halt sign, Shining Through, 1992; warning sign, The Long Goodbye, 1973; danger sign, Bad Boys II, 2003; barbed wire, Blackboards, 2000; lookout tower, Salvador, 1986; blue sky, The Wild Bunch, 1969; rocks, Blackboards, 2000; helmet, Europa, 1991; road, From Dusk till Dawn, 1996; Traffic cone, Traffic, 2000; access control barrier, The Living Daylights, 1987; checkpoint, Three Kings, 1999; luggage on trolley, Not without My Daughter, 1991; customs booths with barriers, In America, 2002; searchlight, Bad Boys II, 2003; floodlight, Traffic, 2000; barren mountain, Blackboards, 2000; three guards, Kundun, 1997; clear blue sky, The Sound of Music, 1965; parcel, Blackboards, 2000; flaming buckets, Not without My Daughter, 1991; muddy rivers and trees, The Wild Bunch, 1969; watchtower, Bad Boys II, 2003; car, Salvador, 1986; lookout post, Three Kings 1999; Department of Justice sign, In America, 2002; desert, In This World, 2002; El Salvador coat of arms, Salvador, 1986; hazy sky, Gandhi, 1982; walking stick, Blackboards, 2000; cello, The Living Daylights, 1987; customs and immigration facia, Touch of Evil, 1958; dead dog, Up in Smoke, 1978; border post No. A/102 sign, Kundun, 1997; traffic queue, Traffic, 2000; jeep, Not without My Daughter, 1991; desert hill, Three Kings, 1999; traffic cones, From Dusk till Dawn, 1996; green sky, In This World, 2002; dog, Up in Smoke, 1978; queue, Salvador, 1986; Italian flag, The Day of the Jackal, 1973; wooden fence, The Great Escape, 1963; shoe, Blackboards, 2000; “Welcome to Austria” sign, The Living Daylights, 1987; “Welcome to France” sign, The Day of the Jackal, 1973; yellow sky, In This World, 2002; “You Are Leaving the United States” sign; The Wild Bunch, 1969; checkpoint sign, Not without My Daughter, 1991; dry grass with flag, Refugee, 2000; soldiers, Three Kings, 1999; tent, In This World, 2002; exploding bridge, The Wild Bunch, 1969; hands and passport, Europa, 1991.

Invertebrate is a group formed in 2000 who come together in pursuit of common aims and often in a published format. Most recently they have produced “THEM!”—a new movie script where ten leading fictional mad scientists are forced into communication with one another, published by the Medical Research Council, 2004.

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