Winter 2006–2007

Artist Project / Eye Drawings

The way he looked

Jochem Hendricks


All images from artist Jochem Hendricks’s “Eye Drawings” series, 1992–1993. These apparently frenetic drawings were in fact made by Hendricks directly with his eyes as he read or examined a bill, receipt, or, in one case, a blank sheet of paper. Hendricks tracks the movements of his eyes by wearing a special helmet equipped with infra-red sensors that follow the movements of each eye. The location of any point on which the eye rests for at least a hundredth of a second is recorded sequentially as a coordinate on the X and Y axes. These points are then connected by straight lines, each eye yielding a drawing.

Jochem Hendricks is an artist based in Frankfurt. His work has been exhibited at Gropiusbau Berlin; Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among other venues. For more information, visit

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