Spring 2009


Inventory / My Rock Is a Purse

Susan GreenspanGeological fallacies

Ingestion / The X Factor

D. Graham BurnettProfessor Pettenkofer’s miasmatic gamble

Colors / Porphyry

Catherine HansenBlood from a stone

Leftovers / Dinner with Kant

Christopher TurnerThe taste of disgust


Head Trips

Jordan Bear and Albert NarathThe social inversions of the comic foreground

Artist Project / The Grey Unknown

Justin StormsScenes from the marine layer

The Gothenburg Leviathan

Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas J. MagnussonInto the belly of the Malm Whale

Rain and Rainfall—Great Britain—Periodicity—Periodicals

Edward EigenThe quest for a “perfect patterne”

A Case of Erotic Engineering

Thomas A. P. Van LeeuwenLooking for Gustave Eiffel in the lingerie department

Let’s Make a Deal

Herant KatchadourianThe protocols of haggling


The Crucial Moment of Deception

Hanna Rose ShellAbbott Handerson Thayer’s law of protective coloration

Mark of Integrity

Jonathan AllenA brief history of card tricks

The Golden Lasso

Ken AlderWonder Woman and the birth of the lie detector

Deception as a Way of Knowing: A Conversation with Anthony Grafton

D. Graham Burnett and Anthony GraftonThe cops and robbers of history

Artist Project / Meanwhile in Nigeria…

Julieta ArandaMrs. Miriam Abacha has a problem

Brotherly Deception

Jeffrey CroteauThe Album of Masonic Impostors

Slettemark / Nixon

Mats BigertI’m not a crook, I’m an artist

The Fall and Rise of Ernest Lalor Malley

Christine WertheimThe poet who wasn’t

Artist Project / All Work and No Play

Adam Broomberg & Oliver ChanarinWhen Jack cracked

The Perfect Crime

Brian DillonAn open letter to the editors of frieze magazine

In the Orchards of Nostalgia

George MakariHiding in plain sight


Bookmark / BOOK MARK

Like we said

Postcard / School of Crock

James Hogue’s Ivy League con