Summer 2009

Introductory Image

Results from the Kitty Olympics section of the 1976 All-American Glamour Kitty Contest, held at Miami Beach’s luxurious Hotel Fontainebleau. The nine feline finalists, chosen from 20,000 entrants nationwide, rode through downtown Miami in Mouse Mobiles (yellow Volkswagen Beetles outfitted with ears, teeth, and tails) and participated in events such as the Kitty Olympics, the Kitty Fashion Show, and the Coronation (emceed by Miss Universe pageant announcer Chuck Zinc). Contestant Bert and his owner won a week’s vacation at a Philadelphia hotel later identified as the site of the first outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease. Contestant Kitty Glitter, who came in last, was consoled with the Ms. Congeniality Award. Scorecard reflects true rankings (with slight numerical exaggerations). Courtesy Jane Gilmor (artist and guardian of the late Kitty Glitter).
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