Winter 2001–2002

Artist Project / The Portrait Connection

Picture yourself

Peter Rostovsky

Dear Readers of Cabinet,

In issue 2, the Portrait Connection asked you to volunteer descriptions of yourselves as part of an exciting promotional campaign. The Portrait Connection would now like to thank all those willing participants some of whose portraits can be seen below. Our classically trained artists worked tirelessly to execute these masterful renderings, faithful to the spirit of your honest and eloquent words. We thank you again for your participation and your commitment to the enduring spirit of Art.

Sincerely Yours,
The Portrait Connection

HAIR: fire and cognition / HEAD: torpor and oblivion / EYES: congestion, edges, fog / EARS: echolocation / NOSE: oysters, marshes, poison / LIPS: suction, whistles, blood / A NECK to melt the ice cap / A CHEST to chasten all critics / ARMS that embrace shadows / FINGERS that itch every scratch / CLOTHES that make the man in BLACKS, BLUES, and RED. No HAT.
I work for a government agency. I work hard; can’t tell you that much. I’m slim and muscular. I run. I read lots. Sandy hair, freckles. Team player. Tennis champ. Blue eyes. I pack a small .38. It’s personal. I write long reports into the night, and now must wear glasses.
I’m a 32-yr-old Californian; Anglo/Spaniard mix, short dark straight hair, 5'10", musician (piano). Equal parts gin and coffee, ambition with thoughts towards others, impatience with stupidity, true brilliance in some areas, knowing lapses in others. Kind face, but not one to be taken advantage of. Cured romantic. Male. I guess that is important. Scorpio. I have a penis and am not afraid to use it, but know when not to. Or bring it up. Not sex or dick obsessed, but sexuality gives birth to everything.
slim as a beanpole / clear perfect complexion / art history major, with a background in sociology / very very ambitious / black long hair, like a Modigliani / nose too big but I can live with it / good hygiene / like to talk a lot, big mouth / nice lips / well-dressed / love Europe / love Kate Spade.

Peter Rostovsky is a Russian-born artist who lives and works in New York City. He is represented by The Project.

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