Fall 2014


Legend / Treatise on the Veil

Wayne KoestenbaumThe toplessness of the low-key bruiser

Colors / Flesh

Corina CoppSo alone

Ingestion / The Chromatic Palate

George PendleTasting with the eyes

Inventory / Two by Two

Jeffrey KastnerCounting the animals in the zoo


Between the Wall

Jesse CoburnA territorial scrap in Cold War Berlin

For the Simple Reason Is

Brian DillonVigilance as a fugue state

Artificial Skies

Will WilesLooking for daylight

Cactus Life

Justin E. H. SmithSoviet “defectology” and the status of the deaf-blind patient

Writing at a Distance: An Interview with Richard Taws

Joshua Bauchner and Richard TawsThe optical telegraphy of Claude Chappe

Game Over

Raiford GuinsUnearthing Atari


Love Quack

Christopher TurnerThe venereal electrics of Dr. James Graham

Platter of Love

D. Graham Burnett and Yael GellerFruit of the womb

Wings of Desire

Dominic PettmanNikola Tesla’s fantastic secret

Stones in Love

Brooke HolmesMineral magnetism

Tearful Women

Sheila HetiSob story

Let Me Count the Ways

Latif NasserQuantifying affection

Fail, Feel, Fall: An Interview with Simon Critchley and Jamieson Webster

Sina Najafi, Simon Critchley, and Jamieson WebsterLack and love

Old Love

John V. FlemingMores and amores

The Writing of the Heart

Julian LucasAt the self’s inner core

Heart-Shaped World

James TrainorAmorous cartographies


Artist Project: Postcard / When Looking for Love

Doug SkinnerA little redaction

Bookmark / The Constraints of Love

Devotional music

Kiosk / Fall 2014

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies