Winter 2015–2016

Inventory / Who’s Who

The women and men of Cabinet

Contributors Inc.

“Inventory” is a column that examines or presents a list, catalogue, or register.

We are a collective whose aim is to address the gender biases in the writing of culture and art history. Below are all the contributors to the first fifty-eight issues of Cabinet.

Issue 1 Invented Languages | The Bone Trade Gregory Whitehead and Walter Sculley | Producing Surgery on the Internet: Is the Rectum a Cinema? David Serlin | Bice Jonathan Ames | A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part I, A–H Allen S. Weiss | Is Chance Possible?: An Interview with Robert Kaplan Sina Najafi and Robert Kaplan | Not Just for Silver Foxes Louisa Kamps | Bingo in Swedish Is Bingo: An Interview with Krister Fredriksson Mats Bigert and Krister Fredriksson | 21 Aphorisms John Roberts | Marilyn Monroe and I Jesse Lerner | Marilyn Monroe y yo Fernando Sampietro | Trickster Eye Frances Richard | Stalk Photography Gregory Williams | Whitescapes David Batchelor | The City Justine Kurland | The Encryption Wars: An Interview with Eben Moglen Jay Worthington and Eben Moglen | The Love-Bug Luke Murphy | Anachronistic Modernism Tan Lin | 1485.0 kHz Carl Michael von Hausswolff, assisted by M. S. C. Harding | My Mother, My Medium Jon Dryden | Speaking Martian Daniel Rosenberg | The Alien Argot of the Avant-Garde Christian Bök | Special CD Insert / abs TruCt heh GarBagt Charles Bernstein, Christian Bök, and Steve McCaffery | Himalayan Journal Xu Bing | Öyvind Fahlström’s Aviary A. S. Bessa | Esperanto: An Interview with Sabira Ståhlberg Nina Katchadourian and Sabira Ståhlberg | Inadvertent Memory Laura Kurgan | NATO as Architectural Critic Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss | Belgrade Architecture and the War Vladimir Kulic | Something Where There Should Be Nothing Renata Salecl | Postcard Luke Murphy | Flies & Face David Scher | Issue 2 Mapping Conversations | Beige Andrea Codrington | Love Machines: Unwinding the Technology of the Scopitone David Serlin | The Secret Collection Carrie Cooperrider | A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part II, J–P Allen S. Weiss | Breatheable Food David Gissen | Hobo Nickels Jeffrey Kastner | Transformative Technologies Sven-Olov Wallenstein | Brigído Lara: Post-Pre-Columbian Ceramacist Jesse Lerner | From Western Marxism to Western Buddhism Slavoj Žižek | Nationalism and Catharsis: The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and Vladimir Kulic | Core Samples Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock | Abstract Concrete: Francisco López and the Ontology of Sound Christoph Cox | Caribbean Moonlight, Canadian Sunset Jim Lambie | Dupe: A Partial Compendium of Everyday Delusions Jeff Gibson | And I Thought Church Was Fun Sara Cameron | Without Shadows: Histories of Utopia Allen S. Weiss | The Standard for Eggs-in-Shell United Nations & Economic Commission for Europe | Holiday in Cambodia David Hawkes | Small Wars An-My Lê | February 4 Tom Mulcaire | Sambizanga Project Ricardo de Oliveira | Fall of Saigon / Panamarenko Michael Stevenson | Psychocivilization and Its Discontents: An Interview with José Delgado Magnus Bärtås, Fredrik Ekman, and José Delgado | The Intelligence of Vision: An Interview with Rudolf Arnheim Uta Grundmann and Rudolf Arnheim | Conserving Latex and Liverwurst: An Interview with Christian Scheidemann Gregory Williams and Christian Scheidemann | Confessions of a Finnish Pastry Eater: An Interview with Bo Lönnqvist Sina Najafi and Bo Lönnqvist | Utterance Is Place Enough: Mapping Conversation Frances Richard | Mapping Very Large-Scale Conversations Warren Sack | The “Offshore” Phenomenon: Dirty Banking in a Brave New World Mark Lombardi | The Recent Drawings: An Overview Mark Lombardi | George W. Bush, Harken Energy, and Jackson Stephens Mark Lombardi | Architecture and Dessert Mark Sussman | Commissioned Pastry: The Brecht Sebastian Brecht | Drawings David Shrigley | Postcard Kim Jones | Issue 3 Weather | Ash Meghan Dailey | Some Like It Cold: Engineering the “Personal Environment” David Serlin | CA Redemption Value: Craig Baldwin’s Found-Footage Films Kevin Attell | A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part III, Q–Z Allen S. Weiss | Beggars Vik Muniz | Pietà Robert P. Harrison | A Partial Guide to the Tools of Art Vandalism Steven Goss | 1 in 32: The Culture of Secrecy The Speculative Archive | The Artist Makes Himself a Peanut Butter Sandwich Ian Berry | The Soil Eaters Magnus Bärtås and Fredrik Ekman | On the High Line Sina Najafi | The High Line Joel Sternfeld | Between the Country and the Telo Federico Windhausen | No Regrets Kim Keever | Our Weather: A Selection Jeffrey Kastner and Sina Najafi | Mary Poppins’s Cameo Appearances in the Work of Andrei Tarkovsky Joe Banks | The Eleventh Commandment Jonathan Ames | Reading “The Worst Journey in the World” Frances Richard | The Celestographs of August Strindberg Douglas Feuk | Think with Me about Your Extension of Now Olafur Eliasson | Storm Squatting at El Reno Jesse Lerner | Yesterday’s Forecasts: An Interview with James Rodger Fleming Robin Veder and James Rodger Fleming | Chasing Storms in Rapid City: An Interview with Charlie Summers Brian Conley, Sina Najafi, and Charlie Summers | Index of Wind Spencer Finch | Let There Be Rain: An Interview with William Cotton Anna Grace and William Cotton | We Will Bury You. In Mud. David E. Brown | Eyewitness Accounts of Kugelblitz Edmond M. Dewan | All About Lightning: An Interview with Martin Uman Brian Conley, Sina Najafi, and Martin Uman | The God Effect: An Interview with John Cliett Jeffrey Kastner and John Cliett | Please Draw That Famous Photograph of The Lightning Field from Memory Emilie Clark, Douglas Gordon, Aziz + Cucher, Rachel Urkowitz, Jenny Perlin, Liam Gillick, and Matthew Ritchie | The Moral Storm: Henry Darger’s Book of Weather Reports Lytle Shaw | Reverse (Artforum, November 1999, p. 139) Joe Amrhein | Better than Weather: The Austin Air-Conditioned Village Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss | Mapping the Invisible Mats Bigert | On Acronyms Herbert Marcuse | Postcard Michael Ballou | Issue 4 Animals | Making the Jaipur Foot David Serlin | Ruby (And Beyond) Darren Wershler-Henry | The Epic of the Cephalopod Allen S. Weiss | Evangelical Currents Curtis C. Ebbesmeyer | Scenic Wallpaper Francesco Simeti | Stealth Towers Kristen Dodge | Hidden Talents: The Camouflage Paintings of Abbot Handerson Thayer Emily Gephart | Hieroglyphs of the Future: Jacques Rancière and the Aesthetics of Equality Brian Holmes | The Traveling Interview: The First Leg Dean MacCannell and Lucy Lippard | Hispaniola David Hawkes | Airport Disease Matthew Rose | A Fevered Dream of Maya: Robert Stacy-Judd Jesse Lerner | Warhol’s Dream Saul Anton | Warhol’s Aura and the Language of Writing Tan Lin | Guggenheimlichkeit Carl Skelton | Marketing the Prison Experience in Tehran Golmohammad Rahati | Towards a Military Ethics at West Point: An Interview with Colonel Anthony Hartle Jay Worthington and Col. Anthony Hartle | The Paper Sculpture Show Matt Freedman | Instant Replay Eve Sussman | Door Paul Ramirez Jonas | Flame Pablo Vargas-Lugo | Coffee Cup Sarah Sze | Folding Chairs Allan Wexler | I Tried! Jonathan Ames | Cover Versions: The Communist Manifesto Geoff Cox | Where the Wild Things Are: An Interview with Steve Baker Gregory Williams and Steve Baker | Fifteen Theses on the Cute Frances Richard | Bee Modern: An Interview with Juan Antonio Ramirez Eric Bunge and Juan Antonio Ramirez | Mapping Behavior Tomas Matza | Bunny Rising Angela Wyman | Audition for a Pair of Koalas Kathy Temin | Animals on Trial Jeffrey Kastner | Beastly Agendas: An Interview with Kathleen Kete Sina Najafi and Kathleen Kete | Central Meat Market Andrew Cross | Recollecting the Slaughterhouse Dorothee Brantz | The Mouse’s Tale: Standardized Animals in the Culture and Practice of Technoscience Karen Rader | The Lion in the Swedish Winter Mats Bigert | Postcard: Hot Air Ballooning in a Cave Vadim Fishkin | Issue 5 Evil | Wrestling with the “Digital Angel” David Serlin | (G)Litter Sara Harris | Indigo Frances Richard | The Pleasures and Ideology of Fusion Allen S. Weiss | The Acoustics of War Daria Vaisman | What’s in a Name David E. Brown | Raw and Processed Data | Walter Pitts Keller Easterling | Imported Nationalism Jesse Lerner | The Pigment Connoisseur Gregory Williams | The Portrait Connection Peter Rostovsky | The Traveling Interview: The Second Leg Lucy Lippard and Kathy Vargas | Two Postcards Aris Fioretos | The Emergence of Social Inequality among Robots Luc Steels | Brancusi / Koons James Dawson-Hollis | Private Lunar ESP: An Interview with Edgar Mitchell Fia Backström and Edgar Mitchell | Doppelgänger Francis Alÿs | The Practice of Failure John Roberts | On Evil: An Interview with Alain Badiou Christoph Cox, Molly Whalen, and Alain Badiou | On Evil: An Interview with Alenka Zupancic Christoph Cox and Alenka Zupancic | Letter Bombs, 1904–1998 Carl Michael von Hausswolff | Good Over Evil / Evil Over Good Lee Etheredge IV | Bats and Dancing Bears: An Interview with Eric A. Zillmer Sina Najafi and Eric A. Zillmer | Modernist Malice Andrea Codrington | The De-demonization of Evil Ulrich Baer | Destroyed: Project and Insert David Bunn | Of Criminals, Degenerates, and Literary Offenders Marina van Zuylen | Live and Die as Eva Braun Roee Rosen | Special CD Insert / Deuteronomy Brian Dewan | Twenty Minutes under Water Carsten Höller | The Persistence of Goodness Sven-Olov Wallenstein | The Evil Eye: An Interview with Alan Dundes Nicholas Frobes-Cross and Alan Dundes | Antichrist: An Interview with Bernard McGinn Kristofer Widholm and Bernard McGinn | Victor Houteff Harry Steinberg | The Orthodox Origins of Heterodoxy, or, How What Is Good Becomes Evil Karen Sullivan | Postcard Victor Houteff | Issue 6 Horticulture | Reading the Working Body after September 11 David Serlin | It’s about Time for Fresh Kills Mierle Laderman Ukeles | Hazel Jonathan Lethem | How to Read a Menu Allen S. Weiss | The Beautiful Possibility Paul Collins | Location, Location, Location Rachel Harrison | No Hair of the Dog Jesse Lerner | The Boreal Crown and the Downfall of Civilization Anonymous | Necessary Fictions: A Tour of Guidebooks to Twentieth-Century Saigon Lily Chi | Live Like This! Sabine Bitter & Helmut Webber | How to Read Two Monoliths Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and Sabine von Fischer | From Carnival to Carnival™ Philip Scher | Great Vitreous Tact Frances Richard | The New Health Center Nick Debs, Aaron Cobbett, and Aaron Plant | Professor Naess’s Alpine Garden David Rothenberg | Color Gardens before Color Photography Robin Veder | Geohorticultural Fantasies Lewis Masquerier | “Against This Terrible Invasion of Foreigners We Would Protest” Rebecca Preston | Loisada Søren Martinsen | A Poetics of Plant Pathology Susan Swenson | Rubus Armeniacus Office for Soft Architecture | Seed Packets Kim Dickey, Kris Lee, Alan Sonfist, Laura Stein and the Royal Potter | Thinking Like a Plant Christoph Cox | Anti-monuments Ann Burke Daly | English Gardens and the Division of Labor Martin Hoyles | Photographs Justine Kurland | Linnaeus: Pruning Names Lytle Shaw | The Mystery of Spring Spencer Finch | Show Me the Monet Rachel Urkowitz | Los Angeles, Garden City Angela Blake | The Schreber Garden Jan Turowski | Proposed Redevelopment of the Oval, Hackney E2, London Nils Norman | Postcard 1 Olav Westphalen | Postcard 2 Paul Ramirez Jonas | Issue 7 Failure | The New Face of Terrorism David Serlin | How to Use Scotch Tape Paul Lukas | Safety Orange Tim Griffin | How to Cook a Phoenix Allen S. Weiss | Ernst Haeckel and the Microbial Baroque David Brody | Field Traces Bill Jones | Mm, Mm, Good: Marketing and Regression in Aesthetic Taste David Hawkes | Beautiful Indonesia (In Miniature) David Womack | Paint and Paint Names Daniel Harris | Things Fall Apart: An Interview with George Scherer Jeffrey Kastner and George Scherer | The Six Grandfathers, Paha Sapa, in the Year 502,002 C.E. Matthew Buckingham | Interpretations of the National Park Service Sharon Hayes | Soothe Operator: Muzak and Modern Sound Art Susette Min | Birds of North America Sing Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection Amy Jean Porter | Hungry for God Gregory Whitehead | Not Your Name, Mine Paul Schmelzer | The Bible from Memory Emma Kay | Black Box Tom Vanderbilt | Crash Covers Jeffrey Kastner | “Shades of Tarzan!”: Ford on the Amazon Elizabeth Esch | Hashima: The Ghost Island Brian Burke-Gaffney | The Floating Island Paul Collins | Old Rags, Some Grand Scott A. Sandage | The War of the Flea Marvin Doyle | The Short, Sad Life of Danny the Dragon Dirk Libeer | Better Luck Next Time Gregory Williams | The Disappointed and the Offended Magnus Bärtås | The Invention of Failure: An Interview with Scott A. Sandage Sina Najafi, David Serlin, and Scott A. Sandage | Travelfest Is Closed Michael Smith and Nathan Heiges | In Case of Moon Disaster William Safire | Romantic Landscapes with Missing Parts Nedko Solakov | The Life of Ernst Moiré Lytle Shaw | Concert Nancy Davenport | A / C | Orphan Nina Katchadourian | 1976 Montreal Olympics Participation Medal Kris Lee | Stock in Failure Institute Peter Santino | Issue 8 Pharmacopia | Just Say No to Eucalyptus David Serlin | Rust Albert Mobilio | The Life of Elagabalus Aelius Lampridius | International Arrangement Concerning the Conveyance of Corpses League of Nations | Bang the Keys Swiftly: Type-Writers and Their Discontents Barry Sanders | The Devil’s Ordinary Markman Ellis | Welcome to the Molly-House: An Interview with Randolph Trumbach Amanda Bailey and Randolph Trumbach | Skateable Reverse Engineering Jocko Weyland | Collaborating with Warhol: An Interview with Ronald Tavel Dorothy Krasowska and Ronald Tavel | Yes / No Joseph Fratesi | Artist Project / The Other Side Vadim Fishkin | The Sole of the Criminal: An Interview with William Bodziak Sina Najafi, Frances Richard, and William Bodziak | Why You’re Crazy: The DSM Story Mark S. Roberts and David B. Allison | The Logics of Deflation John Roberts | Artist Project / Stamps Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Richard Massey, Ruth Root, and Shahzia Sikander | Righting Copyright: An Interview with Lawrence Lessig Jay Worthington and Lawrence Lessig | El Pueblo Unido: Architecture and Revolution in Tehran Tirdad Zolghadr | Me, Myself, and Super-Me: An Interview with David Healy David Serlin and David Healy | Drawings Reed Anderson | The Medicine Barrel Paul Collins | The Placebo Effect Tom Vanderbilt | On the Poison Path: An Interview with Dale Pendell David Levi Strauss, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and Dale Pendell | Spiders under the Influence | Goats on Acid Sasha Archibald | Highlights of the Second Hashish Impression Walter Benjamin | I Hear a New World: Vibrating Cutlery and the Roots of Psychedelic Music Andrew Hultkrans | Algebra Is Drunkenness Allen S. Weiss | The Deadly Rausch Hans Fallada | A Happy Madness: Images of Drug Use in the Casasola Archive Jesse Lerner | The Reified Lozenge Frederick Gross | Poison Eros: Anecdotes on Aphrodisiacs and Dose Miranda Flower Mellis | Lophop-Nine Kevin C. Pyle | Postcard / Self Portrait with Dog Chloe Piene | Issue 9 Childhood | Superfly Me to the Moon David Serlin | At Death’s Doorknob Paul Collins | Sulphur Thomas Beller | Culinary Landscapes Allen S. Weiss | The Wall and the Eye: An Interview with Eyal Weizman Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Eyal Weizman | Paint Your Troubles Away Richard Fleming | Cable TV’s Failed Utopian Vision: An Interview with Dara Birnbaum Nicolás Guagnini and Dara Birnbaum | Thaddeus Cahill’s “Music Plant” Brian Dewan | Artist Project / To Be Looked at, from a Distance, with Eyes Crossed Dan Wolgers | Hello, Nice to Meet You, Do You Want to Go to Holland?: A Conversation with Robert Kloos and Mónica de La Torre Regine Basha, Robert Kloos, and Mónica de la Torre | Save Your Family Jay Worthington | Fröbel and the Gifts of Kindergarten Norman Brosterman | Artist Project / School Year Helen Mirra | Where the Wild Things Were: An Interview with Leonard S. Marcus Brian Selznick, David Serlin, and Leonard S. Marcus | Artist Project / A Pack of Blind Sniffing Dogs Byron Kim | Picturing Innocence: An Interview with Anne Higonnet Sina Najafi and Anne Higonnet | Does the Proletarian Child Need a Fairytale? Alla Rosenfeld | Artist Project / On Reading Wendy Ewald | The Doll Games Pamela Jackson and Shelley Jackson | Homo Bulla: An Interview with Sabine Mödersheim Kris Coue and Sabine Mödersheim | Artist Project / Drawings Marcel Dzama | Finders Keepers Michael Witmore | Artist Project / Praxis Dr. Kössendrup Aura Rosenberg | Skabetti, Peas, Apple Cake, and Ice Cream | Special CD Insert / Juvenilia Curated by Brian Conley and Christoph Cox | Artist Project / The Sound of Music Barbara Pollack | Model Child: An Interview with Max Berger Joseph R. Wolin and Max Berger | Some Relics of Childhood Rodney Phillips | Artist Project / Sculpture from Drawings Billy Holloway and Christo Holloway | The Rough Guide: Favell Lee Mortimer’s “The Countries of Europe Described” Todd Pruzan | Issue 10 Property | Ultramarine Matthew Buckingham | Giants, Neither Green Nor Jolly David Serlin | Anti-pasta Romy Golan | Coming to the Surface Amanda Schachter | Be All That You Can Be: An Interview with Sandow Birk Marcia Tanner and Sandow Birk | Taming Thomas Bernhard Gregory Williams | America in Autumn Gregory Whitehead | Atlantropa edit suisse group | Southern Exposures Ed Osborn | The Digital Vernacular John Pilson | Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Severed Head Mark Dery | Artist Project / Iraq Sophie Ristelhueber | Mismatch of the Day Paul Collins | The Bad Seed Frieda Knobloch | Trippelganger Leon Golub, Leon Golub, and Leon Golub | Superflux of Sky Joe Milutis | The American Land Museum at Wendover, Utah The Center for Land Use Interpretation | Artist Project / Acumulus Noblitatus Paul Noble | Land Acquisition 1: Luna County, New Mexico Jeffrey Kastner and Sina Najafi | Who Owns History? David Womack | Artist Project / Suburban Intervention #1 Sergio Muñoz-Sarmiento | Property and the Banality of Memory Mark Landsman | Million Dollar Point Sasha Archibald | Land Acquisition 2: Queens County, New York Jeffrey Kastner | Artist Project / Odd Lots 1 Clara Williams | Artist Project / Odd Lots 2 Matthew Northridge | Artist Project / Odd Lots 3 Jimbo Blachly | Fungible Goods Rachel Knecht | Mein Royalties Jay Worthington | Product Line: An Interview with Kristin Ehring Carey Young and Kristin Ehring | The Dotcommunist Manifesto Eben Moglen | Land Acquisition 3: Eastern Amazonis Planitia, Mars Sina Najafi | Location, Location, Location: An Interview with Dennis M. Hope Mats Bigert and Dennis M. Hope | Postcard 1 / Postcard for the Public Domain Luke Murphy and Jay Worthington | Postcard 2 / January 14, 2003 Danica Phelps | Two and a Half Property Bookmarks Brian McMullen | Issue 11 Flight | Domesticating the Hiroshima Maidens David Serlin | Pink David Byrne | Exploring Cuba’s Sugar Bowl Rachel Kushner | Authenticity, or, the Paradoxes of Cuisine Allen S. Weiss | In the Land of the Non-Buddhas Edoardo Albinati | Artist Project / Strip Mining Emilie Clark, Michael Ross, and Julianne Swartz | The Importance of Being Lazy Marina van Zuylen | Skin Shelley Jackson | Artist Project / Stampographic Panorama Jonathan Herder | Human Rights in a Chocolate Egg Slavoj Žižek | Poor Like Me Eric Schocket | A Wing and a Prayer Tom Vanderbilt | These Wings Were Made for Running: An Interview with Kenneth Dial Jay Worthington and Kenneth Dial | Through the Vaste Spaces of the Aire: An Interview with Clive Hart Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Clive Hart | A Directory of Heavier-Than-Air Flying Machines in Western Europe, 850 BC–AD 1783 Clive Hart | Things That Cannot Be Ronald Jones | For Your Refuses | The Unfriendly Skies Jay Worthington | Artist Project / Untitled Roger Andersson | Bombs Away: An Interview with Sven Lindqvist Mats Bigert and Sven Lindqvist | Looking Down Albert Mobilio | Jealousy: Modern Architecture and Flight Eric Bunge | The Mile High Club David Serlin | Special CD Insert / Lift Curated by Brian Conley and Christoph Cox | Artist Project / Flight Paths Hans Wilschut | Inflationary Models Sasha Archibald | Artist Project / On the Wing Nedko Solakov | For the Birds: An Interview with Bill Lishman Sara Harris and Bill Lishman | The Bull Rider and the Ballerina Mary Walling Blackburn | Unlimited Edition / No Fly Zone Lee Boroson | Front Flap / Promotional Supplement for “Flying-Practical Training for Intermediates” Luca Buvoli | Back Flap / Homeless (#2) Ester Partegàs | Postcard 1 / Boeing 747-400 Andrea Legge | Postcard 2 / Arguably Incompatible State Prides Brian McMullen and Steven Villereal | Bookmark Richard Massey | Issue 12 The Enemy | SARS Poetica David Serlin | Thing No. 1 David Byrne, Nib Westingford, and Todd Wider | Love Locks Deborah Lutz | Chartreuse Lynne Tillman | Terrain Vague Jeff Byles | Artist Project / Collateral Damage Gianni Motti | Ethereal Body: The Quest for Ectoplasm Marina Warner | Totality: The Color of Eclipse Anne Carson | Darkness Visible Tom Vanderbilt | A National Automobile for a National Economy Michael Stevenson | Trainschedulespotting Paul Collins | Presidential Doodles Jonathan Ames | Cabinetlandia: Update No. 1 Sina Najafi | The Ontology of the Enemy: An Interview with Peter Galison Sina Najafi and Peter Galison | Listening for the Enemy Brian Dillon | Night Lights Mats Bigert | Artist Project / Taliban Thomas Dworzak | The Past Is in Flames: An Interview with Rebecca Knuth Jeffrey Kastner and Rebecca Knuth | Paper Bullets: An Interview with Herbert A. Friedman John Peffer and Herbert A. Friedman | Artist Project / Narrative of Sdurn The Speculative Archive | The Losers: An Interview with Wolfgang Schivelbusch Sina Najafi, Jay Worthington, and Wolfgang Schivelbusch | Annals of a Fortress Jay Worthington | Artist Project / Birds of Freedom Justine Kurland | New Model Army: An Interview with Michael van Lent Jay Worthington and Michael van Lent | Burning Down the House An Architektur | Talking to My Old Science Teacher about Drawings in which I Killed Him Brian McMullen and Mr. Hawkins | Postcard 1 / News Joy Garnett | Postcard 2 / Taliban-Modified Street Sign Thomas Dworzak | Bookmark / How to Make a Shrunken Head Fia Backström | Issue 13 Futures |Khaki Ben Marcus | Fallen Figures & Heads: Leon Golub’s Lists David Levi Strauss | The Shelf-Life of Liquefying Objects Jamer Hunt | What to Do with a Worn-Out Koran Michael Cook | Edison’s Warriors Christoph Cox | Triskelion Sasha Archibald | Border Sound Files: Excerpts from an Audio Essay Josh Kun | Borderline Archeology Jesse Lerner | Data and Metadata: An Interview with Murtha Baca and Erin Coburn Eve Meltzer, Julia Meltzer, Murtha Baca, and Erin Coburn | 100,000 Bottles of Beer in the Wall Paul Collins | Cutaneous: An Interview with Steven Connor Brian Dillon and Steven Connor | The Figurative Incarnation of the Sentence (Notes on the “Autographic” Skin) Georges Didi-Huberman | The Hand Up Project: Attempting to Meet the New Needs of Natural Life-Forms Elizabeth Demaray | Thinking Futures Daniel Rosenberg and Susan Harding | Very Slow Scan Television Gebhard Sengmüller and Jakob Edlbacher | Desert Modernism Joseph Masco | Special CD Insert / Past Forward Curated by Brian Conley and Christoph Cox | Artist Project / Naturalia Aziz + Cucher | The Use of Drugs to Influence Time Experience | The Day before the Day After | The Trouble with Timelines Daniel Rosenberg | A Timeline of Timelines Sasha Archibald and Daniel Rosenberg | Phases of Life 1: The Artificial Foster-Mother Samantha Vincenty | Phases of Life 2: The Family Room of Tomorrow Joseph Masco | Phases of Life 3: Living at Death’s Door Nicholas Sammond | Hummingbird Futures Daniel Rosenberg | The Veterans of Future Wars Susan Hamson | The Sexual Archipelago Jessica Sewell | The Eight-Fold Path to Knowing Ra Greg Rowland | The Martian Variations | Scent from the Future Miryam Sas | Manifesto of the Japanese Futurist Movement Hirato Renkichi | The Cabinet Time Capsule | Postcard / Message to the Future, 1897 Gallop, Wilkins, Sainsbury, Chester & Pickernell | Bookmark / Alien Timeline Joe Nickell | Issue 14 Doubles | Sepia Luc Sante | Food Games Allen S. Weiss | Dung-Stones and DNA Rob DeSalle | Meta-greetings Brian McMullen | R.U.R. or R.U. Ain’t My Baby John Strausbaugh | The Post-Man Always Already Rings Twice Dorion Sagan | Questions for the Inventor of the Tumbleweed Tank Paul Maliszewski | Artist Project / Metempsydoughsis Declan Clarke | Artist Project / Contract for a Never-to-Be-Seen-by-the-Patron Artwork Luis Miguel Suro and Mario Garcia Torres | Artist Project / Containment as Catastrophe Xurban Collective | Forget Me Not: An Interview with Geoffrey Batchen Brian Dillon and Geoffrey Batchen | The Album of Unwritten Work Nat Trotman | The Influencing Machine Christopher Turner | A Short History of the Glass Mirror Josiah McElheny | Artist Project / TVs (From Catalogs) Penelope Umbrico | Artist Project / Quick-Start Guide for Double Detection Yevgeniy Fiks and Ivan Razumov | Doppelgänger/Doppeltgänger Paul Fleming | Themself Shelley Jackson | Artist Project / Untitled Ivan Razumov | Doubled: Five Collaborations Charles Green | American Photographs: The Road Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov | The Rachel Gugelberger Experience: A Collaboration of Sorts Cabinet and Rachel Gugelberger | I Am a Man Who Thinks That I Can Be Me Peter Herbstreuth | Artist Project / Untitled Pavel Pepperstein | In Between Space and Cosmos Olesya Turkina and Victor Mazin | Artist Project / Proposal for Total Reflective Abstraction Josiah McElheny | Mirrors Jorge Luis Borges | The Copy and Its Evil Twin Alexander Nagel | Postcard 1 / A Jump Into the Antiworld Andrei Sokolov | Postcard 2 / Double Life Sanja Ivekovic | Bookmark / Have a Doubles! Courtesy of Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook | Issue 15 The Average | Purple Matthew Klam | $@#%*!!! Jeffrey Kastner and David Kaufer | The Day of the Remains Philip Scher | Thing / No. 2 Paul Maliszewski, R. K. Scher, and Mary Walling Blackburn | Streambeat Joseph Grigely | Are the Stars Out Tonight?: An Interview with Robert Evans Jeffrey Kastner and Robert Evans | Artist Project / The Celestial Incorporation Project Lee Boroson | Wilkommen in Irak! Walead Beshty and Eric Schwab | Rock Books Brian Tucker | En Piste: An Interview with James Niehues Jocko Weyland and James Niehues | 100,000 Average Joes Paul Fleming | By the Numbers: An Interview with William L. Bird, Jr. Sasha Archibald, David Serlin, and William L. Bird Jr. | Middle Men Eva Geulen | The Law of Averages 1: Normman and Norma Dahlia S. Cambers | The Law of Averages 2: American Adonis Mary Coffey | The Law of Averages 3: Meet Marianne Måns Wrange / OMBUD | The Decline of the Average Mind Barry Sanders | Artist Project / 100 Special Moments Jason Salavon | Predictable You Dahlia S. Cambers | Standard Deviation: An Interview with Jürgen Link Anne Mihan, Thomas O. Haakenson, and Jürgen Link | One Damn Page after Another Robert Shields | Life on the Bell Curve: An Interview with Theodore Porter Paul Fleming and Theodore Porter | Artist Project / Alphabetized Newspaper Rutherford Chang | How Little We Know of Our Neighbors Rebecca Baron | Buttons and Pockets Bernard Rudofsky | Postcard 1 / Homokak Family (A Nut Study) | Postcard 2 / Fitter Families for Future Firesides | Bookmark / The Pixel at Fifty | Issue 16 The Sea | Pistachio Spencer Finch | The Bible: 2,728 Objects in Order of Appearance Emma Kay | Disembodied Cuisine Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr | Not in Our Backyard: An Interview with Jim Puckett Sasha Archibald and Jim Puckett | Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane: An Interview with David Henderson and Daina Taimina Margaret Wertheim, David Henderson, and Daina Taimina | Build Your Own Hyperbolic Soccer Ball Model Keith Henderson | Artist Project / My Neck Is Thinner Than a Hair—A History of the Car Bomb in the 1975–1991 Lebanese Wars Atlas Group/Walid Raad | The Building Is Our Last Line of Defense: An Interview with Eve Hinman Sina Najafi, Eyal Weizman, and Eve Hinman | Artist Project / The Story of a Pyromaniac Photographer Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige | Jigsaws: A User’s Manual Christopher Turner | Cabinetlandia: Update No. 2 Matthew Passmore | The End of the Line Mats Bigert | Artist Project / Waiting Rooms Lars Tunbjörk | Dead Seas Mark Dery | The Sunset Coast Michael Bracewell | Artist Project / A Life Full of Holes Yto Barrada | Fluid States Margaret Cohen | On One Lost Hair Gregory Whitehead | Artist Project / Shipbreaking Edward Burtynsky | The Generation of the Jolly Roger Stephen O’Neill | Sea Monsters Jeffrey Kastner | Utopia Beneath the Waves: An Interview with Matthew Stewart Jennifer Liese and Matthew Stewart | Artist Project / Ocean Photographs Dan Torop | The Confetti of Empire Keller Easterling | Postcard 1 / St. Georges Hotel Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige | Postcard 2 / Colossal Octopus Denys de Montfort |Bookmark / Anchors | Issue 17 Laughter | Gray Geoffrey O’Brien | Don’t Slice Ham Too Thin Jeffrey Kastner | Regalia Paul Lukas | Ashes to Diamonds Tom Vanderbilt | Blocking All Lanes Sean Dockray, Steve Rowell, and Fiona Whitton | Centripetal City Kazys Varnelis | The Artist as Volcano Jesse Lerner | The Mathematics of Paper Folding: An Interview with Robert Lang Margaret Wertheim and Robert J. Lang | How to Make Your Own Square-Based Origami Bud | Artist Project / The Ted Turner Collection—Report from the Battlefield (Paper on Uccello) Marco Maggi | Do Not Mingle One Human Feeling Joe Milutis | H & Co. Daniel Heller-Roazen | Artist Project / Return to Sender Robert Bowen | Artist Project / Even the Trees Would Leave H. Lan Thao Lam and Lana Lin | Tears of Laughter Christopher Turner | Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Rueful) Paul Chan | Very Funny: An Interview with Simon Critchley Brian Dillon and Simon Critchley | The Practitioner: An Interview with Maud Skoog Brandin Mats Bigert and Maud Skoog Brandin | Infectious Laughter David Serlin | Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Cruel) Lawrence Weiner | The Art of Laughter Jim Holt | Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Malicious) Matt Freedman | The Christian-Hegelian Comedy Slavoj Žižek | Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Perverse) Steven Brower |Incorruptible Teeth, or, the French Smile Revolution Colin Jones | Wide at the Bottom, Narrow at the Top Sasha Archibald | Artist Project / Laughter Scores Edward Jessen | No Laughing Matter Jennifer Liese | Postcard / Yours Sincerely, Wasting Away Michael Rakowitz | Bookmark / The Laff Box | Issue 18 Fictional States | Pontormo’s Diary Elizabeth Pilliod | How to Join the Men’s Auxillary Sasha Archibald | Ivory Frances Stark | Manifesto Peter Lamborn Wilson | Crystal Clear: An Interview with Shea Zellweger Christine Wertheim and Shea Zellweger | Artist Project / The Match Game Sasha Chavchavadze | Utopia on Vinyl Jonathan Ward | In Search of Ancient Astronauts: A Requiem for the Space Age Mark Dery | Artist Project / Moonworks Craig Kalpakjian | Artist Project / Bad Birds Lynne Roberts-Goodwin | The Kingpin of Fakers Christopher Turner | Artist Project / C.V.—A Work in Progress Patrick Pound | A Matter of Degrees Allen Ezell and John Bear |New Foundlands George Pendle | Hating Your Country Cecilia Sjöholm | Confections of Zeno Tony Wood | The Ephemera of Fictional States William Bryk | Self-Declared Nations: A Portfolio | Kymaerica | Hutt River Province Principality | The Empire of Atlantium Robert Blackson | The Kindgom of Fusa Robert Blackson | State in Time | The Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland | The New Free State of Caroline | The Magic of the State: An Interview with Michael Taussig David Levi Strauss and Michael Taussig | Artist Project / Landscape of Symbols Glexis Novoa | Return to Sender Bonnie & Roger Riga | Postcard / A Slight Mismap Tal Schori | Bookmark / Fictional Steaks Brian McMullen | Issue 19 Chance | Silver Priscilla Becker | Peel, Pucker, Pinch, Puncture Louise Harpman & Scott Specht | Why Architects Look Sick at Building Dedication Ceremonies Mark Morris | A Revolutionary Aim? Barbara Penner | Looking Forward Paul Maliszewski | Artist Project / Events Moyra Davey | Evolving out of the Virtual Mud: An Interview with Ed Burton Margaret Wertheim and Ed Burton | Artist Project / “Inspyre” and “Love” Kevin Okada a.k.a. Kevino | Extraordinary Voyages Christopher Turner | Harnessing Niagara Falls Sasha Archibald | Artist Project / Reconstructions (Middle East) Caitlin Masley | The Difference Engine Samantha Hunt | The Old Curiosity Shop Peter Thomashow | Rolling the Dice: An Interview with Jackson Lears David Serlin and Jackson Lears | Artist Project / Accidental Graffiti John Colle Rogers | Stumbling Over/Upon Art Dario Gamboni | Breakfast Francine Prose | Beelzebub Radio—The World Has Been Saved Denis Johnson | Nevada’s Most Unwanted Christopher Turner | Cherry, Cherry, Cherry Marshall Fey | Why Ask Why?: An Interview with Alison Gopnik Courtney Stephens and Alison Gopnik | The Language of Birds Dale Pendell | Bet the House Javid Soriano | What’s Luck Got to Do with It? Sasha Archibald and Courtney Stephens | Artist Project / Some Letters from Bookmakers James Peel | Notes On Structure Erik Henriksen and René Morales | Be Ready! Nicholas Herman | Chance, Intelligence, and Humor: An Interview with Gianluigi Buffon Mariana Castillo Deball and Gianluigi Buffon | Buffon’s Needle Mariana Castillo Deball | Postcard / Victoria Falls Julian Gantt | Bookmark / From the Archives of Chance | Issue 20 Ruins | Transitional Object Celeste Olalquiaga | The London Necropolis Railway John M. Clarke | Cyan Lyn Hejinian | Cuisine for a Body without Organs Allen S. Weiss | A Brief History of Cranks Paul Laity | How to Grow a Chair: An Interview with Richard Reames Joshua Foer and Richard Reames | Psychoanalytic Filiations Ernst Falzeder | Where the Wild Things Are: An Interview with Ken Millett Margaret Wertheim and Ken Millett | .50-Caliber Steve Featherstone | Divine Wind: An Interview with Atsushi Takatsuka Ryo Manabe and Atushi Takatsuka | Fragments from a History of Ruin Brian Dillon | The Ruined Man George Pendle | Artist Project / Infested Susan Silton | Elementary Particles: An Interview with Peter Brimblecombe Brian Dillon, Sina Najafi, and Peter Brimblecombe | The Archaeology of Modernity Colin Jones | Stumped Walead Beshty and Eric Schwab | Derelict Utopias Mark Sanderson | Fantastic City Joseph Masco | Artist Project / Time Mirror Jeremy Millar | Robert des Ruines Nina Dubin | Appetite for Destruction Gordon Matta-Clark and J. Mark Loizeaux | Rome, Broken City Denise Bratton | Artist Project / Untitled Ester Partegàs | The Dead Town Martin Herbert | Cabinetlandia: Update No. 3 | Postcard / Copper Patinas | Bookmark / Simulated Distress Patterns for T-Shirt Graphics (Late 1990s) | Issue 21 Electricity | A Poet of Cloth Brian Dillon | Yellow Nato Thompson | After Taste Amelie Hastie | Unidentified Floating Object Celeste Olalquiaga | Things That Think: An Interview with Nicholas Gessler Margaret Wertheim and Nicholas Gessler | Break the Bank Sam Burton | Out of the Picture Louis Kaplan | Artist Project / APL (Alaskan Pipelines) Jason Middlebrook | Tales of Desert Nomads AUDC(Robert Sumrell & Kazys Varnelis) | It’s Just Not Cricket! Philip French | Artist Project / Approximate Original Contour Rachel Watson | The Clinical Orgasm Rachel P. Maines | The Force Wolfgang Schivelbusch | Driven to Fail? | Mesmeromania, or, the Tale of the Tub Christopher Turner | Something for Nothing Nick Laessing | Volts from the Blue Steven Connor | Unlucky Strikes John R. McLain | Artist Project / Transformer Houses Robin Collyer | Appliance Theory Jennifer Gabrys | Absolute Power: An Interview with Sharon Beder Jeffrey Kastner and Sharon Beder | Invisible Cities: An Interview with Christina Kubisch Christoph Cox and Christina Kubisch | Blinded by the Light Sasha Archibald| Darkness Visible: An Interview with Travis Longcore and Catherine Rich Courtney Stephens, Travis Longcore, and Catherine Rich | Electricity and Allegiance Anna S. Barnett | The Human Telegraph Michael Sanchez | Captured Lightning Margaret Wertheim | Postcard / Pigeons Don’t Fly at Night Jasper van den Brink | Bookmark / Condensed Directions for Using the Drake Electrical Vibrator, 1922 | Issue 22 Insecurity | Thing / No. 3 Andrea Codrington, Joshua Glenn, and Tal Schori | Beloved Kate Ferencz | Tawny Eileen Myles | Soup of the Dead Xavier Girard | Mexican Radio Goes to the North Pole Rubén Gallo | Gale Forces Jackie Dee Grom | The Scale and the Spectrum James Peel | Editor-by-Chance | Code Orange Maggie Cutler | The Nose Implicasphere | To Be or Knot to Be Christine Wertheim | A Brief History of the Future Alan Berger and Dorion Sagan | Re-Use Value Jenny Tobias | Artist Project / Explosion Sarah Pickering | National Insecurity Jeffrey Kastner | Ready for Inspection: An Interview with Valentin Groebner David Serlin and Valentin Groebner | Paperwork Ben Kafka | Weapons of Mass Reduction Gage McWeeny | Expansion, Confrontation, Containment: An Interview with Reviel Netz Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Reviel Netz | Between the Striated and the Smooth Shimon Naveh | Artist Project / Chicago Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin | Not a Happy Fraction of a Man Gaby Wood | Artist Project / Swimming Lessons Miklos Gaal | You Created You Brian McMullen | Unwell Brian Dillon | Offering For James Oles | Artist Project / Intrusion Mobile David Miles | Two Bookmarks for Quitters Brian McMullen | Issue 23 Fruits | Abject Object Celeste Olalquiaga | Scarlet Joshua Glenn | Talking Turkey Jeffrey Kastner | F Is for Foley Anne Walsh & Chris Kubick | Virus Camp Brian Dillon | Letter Bombs Christopher Turner | Artist Project / As the Stars Go By Anna Von Mertens | A Brief History of String Sabrina Gschwandtner | Why Things Don’t Fall Down: An Interview with Robert Connelly Margaret Wertheim and Robert Connelly | The Beavers and the Bees Irene Cheng | To the Vector the Spoils McKenzie Wark | Feet of Genius Christopher Turner | Watch Out for the Top Banana Larry Tye | Fallen Fruit Matias Viegener | Thoreau’s Wild Fruits Frances Richard | Strange Fruit Ellen Birrell | It’s a Fruit, Goddamn It! Barry Sanders | It’s a Vegetable, Goddamn It! Mr. Justice Gray | Orange Crush Kavior Moon | The King of Fruits Fran Beauman | Sweet Tart: An Interview with Adam Leith Gollner Sina Najafi and Adam Leith Gollner | Fruits of the Whine Mats Bigert | Postcard Francis Darwin | Bookmark Jessica Green | Issue 24 Shadows | School of Rocks Piper Marshall | Objet de Lux Celeste Olalquiaga | Violet Daniel Handler | Fear of Flesh Allen S. Weiss | Bodies at Rest Tony Wood | Dead Troops Salute Louis Kaplan | Menger’s Spongiform Encephalopathy Margaret Wertheim and Jeannine Mosely | Salt and Pepper Implicasphere | Measure for Measure: An Interview with Anne Chaka Frances Richard and Anne Chaka | Square Watermelons and Leg Art Jocko Weyland | Artist Project / Make Model Mark Greg Jones | Plotto’s Pharmacy Lytle Shaw | Artist Project / Eye Drawings Jochem Hendricks | Paying Attention Jonathan Beller | Jesus Kills Steve Featherstone | Shades of Black Trevor Paglen | A Short History of the Shadow: An Interview with Victor I. Stoichita Christopher Turner and Victor I. Stoichita | Artist Project / Cabinet Shadows Byron Kim | Otto Neurath’s Universal Silhouettes George Pendle | Darkness Visible Marina Warner | Artist Project / Stage Katrín Sigurðardóttir | Artist Project / Carte de Visite Glenn Ligon | Mirror, Mirror Julia Bryan-Wilson | Artist Project / Spin Shadow Heads Tim Noble & Sue Webster | Sleight of Light Jonathan Allen | Five O’Clock Shadows Colby Chamberlain | Postcard / Hand Exercise for Shadowgraphy (Ballerina) Félicien Trewey | Bookmark / Clip, Stamp, Fold (1977–1979) Beatriz Colomina | Issue 25 Insects | Yellow Pages Julie Sinclair Eakin | Brown Alan Gilbert | Kitchen Confidential Jeffrey Kastner | A Minor History of Miniature Writing Joshua Foer | Photoagentur Potemkin Adam Jasper | A Wrinkle in Time Kris Belden-Adams | Artist Project / Your Standard Charles Goldman | Phantoms Daniel Heller-Roazen | Artist Project / Actors at Work David Levine | Artist Project / German Photographs (1724–2005) Patrick Lakey | Being There Leland de la Durantaye | A Lot of Gall Christopher Turner | Days of the Locust: An Interview with Jeffrey Lockwood David Serlin and Jeffrey Lockwood | Artist Project / Mutations Cornelia Hesse-Honegger | Cybugs Steve Featherstone | Armies of the Night Mark Dery | Entomological Etymology Colin Sonner | Artist Project / Partial Index (Times and Deaths of Loved Ones) Rheim Alkadhi | Flysight Steven Connor | Web Media Margaret Wertheim | The Language of the Bees: An Interview with Hugh Raffles Sina Najafi and Hugh Raffles | Virgil’s Fly George Pendle | The Ecology of the Termite Gut: An Interview with Jared Leadbetter Margaret Wertheim and Jared Leadbetter | Artist Project / Trichopterae Hubert Duprat | Postcard / Correct Pinning Methods for Common Insects | Bookmark / Book Lice Emilie Clark | Issue 26 Magic | Talk to the Hand Brian Dillon | A Minor History of Aquatic Ambulism Joshua Foer | Olive Dziga Lovechild | Lost Object Celeste Olalquiaga | The Porcupine Illusion George Prochnik | The Illusionistic Magic of Geometric Figuring Margaret Wertheim | Stripes / Implicasphere | Simmering Statecraft Sandy Isenstadt | Artist Project / Kitchen I & II Terence Gower | The Real Thing Joshua Glenn | The Bitter Scribe of Quail Springs Sandy Zipp | Marking Territory Sarah Whitney Womack | The Barber Trial: Sivan vs. Finkielkraut Thomas Keenan and Eyal Weizman | Sivan vs. Finkielkraut | Deceptionists at War Jonathan Allen | Perspective Correction Greg Allen | Image Magic Alexander Nagel | Artist Project / Legerdemains Ruth Claxton | Black Herman’s African American Magical Synthesis Yvonne P. Chireau | Modern Enchantments: An Interview with Simon During Sina Najafi and Simon During | Impossible Return Adrian Heathfield | Alive at Both Ends Paul Kieve | I Can See Your Ideology Moving Sally O’Reilly and Ian Saville | Artist Project / Tommy Angel Jonathan Allen | Protean Fakirs Shreeyash Palshikar | Koringa: From Biknar to Blackpool Vanessa Toulmin | Currencies of Wonder Tim Reed | Rule 13 Edwin A. Dawes | Spell Check Craig Conley | Postcard / The Mystery Card Scott Penrose | Bookmark / Perforation Curse | Issue 27 Mountains | Artist’s Impact Mats Bigert | A Minor History of Giant Spheres Joshua Foer | White Joseph Grigely | Concrete & Cement Peter Lamborn Wilson | Making Sense at the Movies Amelie Hastie | Readymade Remade Leland de la Durantaye | Artist Projects / CMYK Mathew Brannon, Morgan Fisher, Liam Gillick, Amy Granat, Elin Hansdottir & Darri Lorenzen, Leslie Hewitt, Cory McCorkle, and James Welling Curated by Walead Beshty | Ready for Takeoff Viktoria Tkaczyk | Men of War | Figuring Life Margaret Wertheim | Mont Blanc Montage Colby Chamberlain | O Altitudo!: An Interview with Robert Macfarlane Brian Dillon and Robert Macfarlane | Mountain and Fog Nina Power | Artist Project / Much Was Decided When You Were Born Mariele Neudecker | Lunar Park Christopher Turner | Surveying the Alps Jeffrey Kastner | Salvation Mountain Joel Sternfeld | Artist Project / Mountain with No Name (Pandjsher Valley, Afghanistan) Marine Hugonnier | A Note of Warning Concerning “Bashford’s Grotto” Maiken Umbach | Bashford’s Grotto Chadwick Dalton | Talking with the Volcanoes Jesse Lerner | Utopia on the Roof of the World Chris Wiley | Postcard / Russian Mountains Ryo Manabe | Bookmark / The Growing Pains of Mont Blanc | Issue 28 Bones | Mauve Shelley Jackson | A Minor History of Odd Sympathy Joshua Foer | More Shoes! More Boots! More Garlic! Jeffrey Kastner | Wanted and Unwanted at the Zoo Clem Blakemore | Haunted Mazes Joe Milutis | Artist Project / Tree Drawings Tim Knowles | Cyanea Arctica Louis Agassiz | Organized Water Richard Sieburth | On Being the Right Size J. B. S. Haldane | Tatlin, or, Ruinophilia Svetlana Boym | The Museum of the Dead Robert Harbison | Sacred Bones Mark C. Taylor | Like a Hole in the Head Christopher Turner | The Anti-narcissistic Origins of Art Svetlana Boym | The Fate of His Bones Colin Dickey | Bone Play Eva Åhrén and Michael Sappol | Congenital Human Baculum Deficiency Scott F. Gilbert and Ziony Zevit | A Buried History of Paleontology Brian Selznick and David Serlin | Cutting the World at Its Joints: An Interview with D. Graham Burnett Sina Najafi and D. Graham Burnett | Artist Project / Character Study Michael Paulus | Unnatural Selection: An Interview with the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory Colby Chamberlain | Marking Time Daniel Rosenberg | Os Innominatum Thomas Zummer | Postcard / Bone-Setting Mannequin | Bookmark / Bone Tower Eugene von Bruenchenhein | Issue 29 Sloth | Index for Der Räuber Helen Mirra | Hexed House Mark Morris | A Minor History of Time without Clocks Joshua Foer | Opal Emily Roysdon | Hydropolis Brian Dillon | The Origins of Cybex Space Carolyn de la Peña | Artist Project / Moscow Drawing Dan Perjovschi | The Writing of Stones Marina Warner | The Imaginary Engineer Kris Lee | Reversing the Regular Order of Nature: An Interview with Emilie Clark Frances Richard and Emilie Clark | Artist Project / Wear Them All San Keller | Building a Better Snowflake: An Interview with Kenneth Libbrecht Margaret Wertheim and Kenneth Libbrecht | The Game of War: An Overview Alexander R. Galloway | The Game of War: Debord as Strategist McKenzie Wark | The Young and the Restless Daniel Rosenberg | Vasectomania, and Other Cures for Sloth Christopher Turner | The Recline of Western Civilization Laura Nahmias and Nicholas Nauman | Fatigued Marina van Zuylen | Artist Project / Sloth Index William Justice | Far Niente: An Interview with Pierre Saint-Amand Sina Najafi and Pierre Saint-Amand | Fast, Trusted, Proven? | Postcard / Sleep-Learning | Bookmark / Untitled Joe Devlin | Issue 30 The Underground | Guinomi Allen S. Weiss | Auspicious Cats Martin Clutterbuck | Object of Contention Celeste Olalquiaga | Maroon Moyra Davey | Mannequins, Manners, and Mutilation Nina Power | Through God’s Left Eye Paul La Farge | Behind the Shield Jon Calame | Getting High with Benjamin and Burroughs Michael Taussig | Future Imperfect | Future Perfect | The Reef Builders: An Interview with Nancy Knowlton Margaret Wertheim and Nancy Knowlton | Four Leaves from a Commonplace Book D. Graham Burnett | Day-Glo Dreams Christopher Turner | Ways of Seeing Sasha Archibald | Nowhere, Everywhere, Somewhere Josiah McElheny | Artist Project / Shopping in Sin Casey Logan | Paradise Found Magnus Bärtås | Down the Tube Michael Saler | Caveman: An Interview with Michel Siffre Joshua Foer and Michel Siffre | The Moviegoer as Spelunker Colby Chamberlain | Underworld: An Interview with Rosalind Williams Sina Najafi and Rosalind Williams | Ant Farm Underground Mark Wasiuta | The Holtermann Gold Carl Fredrik Holtermann | Subterranean Foes Erik Pauser | Hellbound Alessandro Scafi | Issue 31 Shame | The Orienting Stone D. Graham Burnett | Edible Object 114868-7(34) Daniel Rosenberg | Prussian Blue George Pendle | The Present of Past Things Paul Ramirez Jonas | Studies in Classic American Literature by Rita Kamins Josh Kun | Artist Project / HopefulsbDavid Levine | Artist Project / Cabrillo’s Vanity sChristopher James and Florian Maier-Aichen | Otherwise Leland de la Durantaye | Artist Project / Falling Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin | Smoke (A Poster) Implicasphere | Perchance to Dream: An Interview with Eluned Summers-Bremner Brian Dillon and Eluned Summers-Bremner | Sleep Like Napoleon: An Interview with David Dinges Aaron Levy and David Dinges | The Woman Who Knew Too Much Aleksandra Wagner | Benedict’s Shame Marilyn Ivy | In the Garden Alan Jacobs | Artist Project / Singular Beauty Cara Phillips | Unspeakable Subjects George Makari | The Broken Circuit: An Interview with Lauren Berlant Sina Najafi, David Serlin, and Lauren Berlant | Artist Project / Untitled Amy Cutler | Shamefaced: An Interview with Paul Ekman Christopher Turner and Paul Ekman | Nobody Home Renata Salecl | The Pedagogies of Shame Christina Tarnopolsky | Postcard / Shame: The Defenders of the Faith Daniel Joseph Martinez | Bookmark / Top Ten Shameful Moments Jonathan Ames | Issue 32 Fire | Power Hungry Ben Kafka | A Minor History of Falling from Great Heights Joshua Foer | Puce Barry Sanders | Everyone Once in Berlin! Mel Gordon | The Cosmonaut of the Erotic Future Aaron Schuster | To Sit, to Stand, to Write George Pendle | Notes on Scent Adam Jasper and Nadia Wagner | Artist Project / Flounder No. 2 Nesta Mayo | Plaice and Place Sanelma Nicht | Artist Project / Plaice Dan Woerner | Plaice Names Allen S. Weiss | Screenplay Pitch for “An American Plaice” Tim Davis | Hook, Line, and Sinker: An Interview with Russ Symons Jeffrey Kastner and Russ Symons | Tour of Duty Therese Robert | Beginning the End Jon Calame | Fire and Truth D. Graham Burnett | Iron Ivy Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen | George R. Lawrence, Aeronaut Photographer Christopher Turner | Superflex and the Re-branding of Denmark Mats Bigert | The Great Integrator: An Interview with Stephen J. Pyne Jeffrey Kastner and Stephen J. Pyne | Marks of Assurance Janet Connelly | Sparks of Life Simon Werrett | The Rational Hearth Frumento Combusti | Domesday Julia Wolcott | Postcard / Re-branding Denmark Superflex. | Bookmark / Fire in the Hole | Issue 33 Deception | My Rock Is a Purse Susan Greenspan | The X Factor D. Graham Burnett | Porphyry Catherine Hansen | Dinner with Kant Christopher Turner | Head Trips Jordan Bear and Albert Narath | Artist Project / The Grey Unknown Justin Storms | The Gothenburg Leviathan Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas J. Magnusson | Rain and Rainfall—Great Britain—Periodicity—Periodicals Edward Eigen | A Case of Erotic Engineering Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen | Let’s Make a Deal Herant Katchadourian | The Crucial Moment of Deception Hanna Rose Shell | Mark of Integrity Jonathan Allen | The Golden Lasso Ken Alder | Deception as a Way of Knowing: A Conversation with Anthony Grafton D. Graham Burnett and Anthony Grafton | Artist Project / Meanwhile in Nigeria… Julieta Aranda | Brotherly Deception Jeffrey Croteau | Slettemark / Nixon Mats Bigert | The Fall and Rise of Ernest Lalor Malley Christine Wertheim | Artist Project / All Work and No Play Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin | The Perfect Crime Brian Dillon | In the Orchards of Nostalgia George Makari | Bookmark / BOOK MARX | Postcard / School of Crock | Issue 34 Testing | From Acne to X-Ray Brian Dillon | A Minor History of Useful Corpses Joshua Foer | The Beast Within Natalie de Souza | Magenta Sally O’Reilly | In Pursuit of Salamone James Oles | Gallery of Shooters Joshua Dubler and Andrea Sun-Mee Jones | The Onomastic G

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