The Official History of Cabinetlandia

Issue 10: The Initial Land Acquisition Project Proposal

New Mexico Land Grab: The Partitioning and Sale of “Readerland”

Issue 12: Update No. 1

Issue 16: Update No. 2

Issue 20: Update No. 3

Issue 35: Update No. 4

The Cabinet National Library

In addition to a mailbox, Cabinetlandia is the site of the Cabinet National Library, brainchild of San Francisco–based subscriber Matthew Passmore, henceforth also known as the Cabinet National Librarian. The library holds a copy of each Cabinet issue published to date, available for the reading pleasure of the public. It also contains a guestbook, a snack bar, and a pair of boots (men’s size 10)—we suggest visitors to the library wear these boots for the length of their stay as protection against potential rattlesnake and/or scorpion bites.

Click on Update No. 2 above to find out more about the construction of the library.

The Unofficial History of Cabinetlandia

Directions to Cabinetlandia for intrepid desert travelers

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Photo courtesy Matthew Passmore.