Fall 2001


The Clean Room / Making the Jaipur Foot

David SerlinA DIY prosthetic with a local identity

Colors / Ruby (And Beyond)

Darren Wershler-HenryDorothy’s slippers and the meanings of Oz

Ingestion / The Epic of the Cephalopod

Allen S. WeissThe beast on the table

Leftovers / Evangelical Currents

Curtis C. EbbesmeyerThe flotsam of the faithful


Artist Project / Scenic Wallpaper

Francesco SimetiPoliticizing the decorative

Stealth Towers

Kristen DodgeCellular concealment

Hidden Talents

Emily GephartThe camouflage paintings of Abbott Handerson Thayer

Hieroglyphs of the Future

Brian HolmesJacques Rancière and the aesthetics of equality

By Sea, by Land, by Air

Studio photographs from 1950s Lebanon

The Traveling Interview: The First Leg

Dean MacCannell and Lucy LippardThe lure of the local


David HawkesThe two sides of the island

Airport Disease

Matthew RoseMehran Karimi Nasseri’s thirteen-year layover

A Fevered Dream of Maya

Jesse LernerThe readymade ruins of Robert Stacy-Judd

Warhol’s Dream

Saul AntonWhen Andy met Bob

Warhol’s Aura and the Language of Writing

Tan LinA world of likenesses


Carl SkeltonAn uncanny museum

Marketing the Prison Experience in Tehran

Golmohammad RahatiIn and out of Evin

Towards a Military Ethics at West Point: An Interview with Colonel Anthony Hartle

Jay Worthington and Col. Anthony HartleArms and the man

The Paper Sculpture Show

Matt FreedmanThe magazine takes shape

Artist Project / Instant Replay

Eve SussmanWin, place, show it again

Artist Project / Door

Paul Ramirez JonasA magical entry

Artist Project / Flame

Pablo Vargas-LugoThis issue’s on fire!

Artist Project / Coffee Cup

Sarah SzeAs you like it

Artist Project / Folding Chairs

Allan WexlerMake your seat

I Tried!

Jonathan AmesAnd failed!

Cover Versions: The Communist Manifesto

Geoff CoxThe many faces of the world’s most famous pamphlet


Where the Wild Things Are: An Interview with Steve Baker

Gregory Williams and Steve BakerThinking and making with animals

Fifteen Theses on the Cute

Frances RichardA crucial absence

Bee Modern: An Interview with Juan Antonio Ramirez

Eric Bunge and Juan Antonio RamirezArchitecture under the sign of the hive

Mapping Behavior

Tomas MatzaSeeing the structure of ant nests

Artist Project / Rabbit Rising

Angela WymanLeporine liftoff

Artist Project / Too Human / Animal Enough

Kathy TeminAudition for a pair of koalas

Animals on Trial

Jeffrey KastnerFora and fauna

Beastly Agendas: An Interview with Kathleen Kete

Sina Najafi and Kathleen KeteThe unexpected political history of animal rights

Artist Project / Central Meat Market

Andrew CrossWhite outside, red inside

Recollecting the Slaughterhouse

Dorothee BrantzA history of the abattoir

The Mouse’s Tale

Karen RaderStandardized animals in the culture and practice of technoscience


The Lion in the Swedish Winter

Mats BigertTaxidermy trouble

Postcard / Air Balloon in the Cave

Vadim FishkinGo down to go up

Web Extras

On Peter Singer

Slavoj ŽižekOf mad cows and sacred cows

The World’s Rarest Rabbit

Jeffrey KastnerThe disappearance of Nesalogus netscheri