Spring 2015


Inventory / Good Boy

George PendleHonoring animal bravery

Leftovers / Surplus Meaning

George Scheer and Stephanie ShermanGrandma Gray and the postwar American economy

Ingestion / Fishing for Vitamin A

Sasha ArchibaldThe shark liver oil craze of the 1940s

Colors / Black

Hayden WilliamsTragedy or farce?


Water Foul

Stassa EdwardsLondon’s Great Stink of 1858

The Meaningful Disappearance of Germaine Greer

Carmen WinantThe contributions and contradictions of a feminist icon


Adam MorrisThe flume ride as a legacy of West Coast logging

The Fax Numbers of the Beast, and Other Mathematical Sports: An Interview with Neil Sloane

Margaret Wertheim and Neil SloaneThe online encyclopedia of integer sequences

The Holy Fire and the Lonely Saint

Matthew SpellbergHelplessness and inner life

Red Star Theater

William FirebraceArchitecture, technology, and the Soviet dream of the cosmos


The Bonds of Catastrophe

D. Graham BurnettBetting on disaster

The Lisbon Earthquake

Walter BenjaminA historic convulsion

In the Shadow of Catastrophe: An Interview with Anson Rabinbach

George Prochnik and Anson RabinbachApocalyptic thought in the aftermath of the world wars

It Came from Outer Space

Maria GoliaEarth’s meteoric past, present, and future

Bunker Correspondence

Patrick LyonsGoing to ground


Postcard / Louis Agassiz Overturned

Better in the abstract than in the concrete

Bookmark / Fiddling While Earth Burns

Thermal expansions

Kiosk / Spring 2015

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies