Winter 2015–2016


Leftovers / Devil’s Dust

Hanna Rose ShellWhat remains of shoddy

Sentences / The Cunning of Destruction

Brian DillonElizabeth Hardwick’s exquisite diffidence

Colors / Turquoise

Namwali SerpellA liberal arts education

Inventory / Who’s Who

Contributors Inc.The women and men of Cabinet


Notes toward a History of Skywriting

D. Graham BurnettA language of the air

The Library in a Nutshell

Daniel RosenbergCrazy encounters, impossible juxtapositions, and magical gluttony

Artist Project / Wor(th)ship

Tassos VrettosAd hoc spaces of devotion in Athens; introduction by George Prochnik

Poor, Righteous Teachers

Matthew SpellbergThe men who are Gods

George Berkeley in America

Chris TownsendThe philosopher’s New World adventure


Being Double

Michael MarderA bag in a bag in a bag

Thinking inside the Box: An Interview with Gerhard Wolf

Sina Najafi and Gerhard WolfThe poetics and aesthetics of containment

Interstitial Images

The Barbers of the Villes

Richard FlemingThe container and Haitian tonsorial art

Interstitial Image

Packaged Care

Nina DelgadoAmerican relief in a box

The Handle

Georg SimmelBetween the vessel and the world

Bringing the Drugstore Home: An Interview with Deanna Day

Jeffrey Kastner and Deanna DayPatient labor, scientific motherhood, and the development of the medicine cabinet

Boxing in Brooklyn

Juli BrandanoOur borough’s mighty contributions to the packaging industry


Postcard / Avian Variations

Good eggs

Bookmark / Boldfinger

An empty gesture?

Kiosk / Winter 2015–2016

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies