Spring 2017


Ingestion / What’s for Dinner?

Leonard BarkanPainting the head of the table

Colors / Sienna

Tif SigfridsFrom the cave to the museum

Sentences / A Ritual Feat

Brian DillonEclipsing description

Inventory / By Any Other Name

CabinetThe unchosen



D. Graham BurnettWhat is a greeble?

Artist Project / Pleshka-Birobidzhan

Yevgeniy Fiks

The Fire of Literature

Cecilia SjöholmSovereignty and the burning of the Book

Schloss Murnau, Hollywoodland, CA 90068

Volker M. WelterTracing Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in Southern California

The Desert

The Desert Is a State of Mind Cast over the Earth

Michael MarderThe indifference of abstraction

Titanic in the Desert

Emilio DistrettiBetween the Libyan Sahara and the Naqab

Orphan Utopia

Reed McConnellJohn Ballou Newbrough’s desert colony

Artist Project / Details on the Rare Earth Frontier

Elizabeth Knafo

Grave Matters

Maria GoliaTomb theft in ancient Egypt

Artist Project / Particulate Paper Records of Time

Chris Domenick


Bookmark / Marking the Desert

Postcard / For Mrabet

David Scher

Kiosk / Spring 2017

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies