Summer 2002


The Clean Room / The New Face of Terrorism

David SerlinThe uses and misuses of C. botulinum

Leftovers / How to Use Scotch Tape

Paul LukasStick-to-itiveness

Colors / Safety Orange

Tim GriffinA synthetic realism

Ingestion / How to Cook a Phoenix

Allen S. WeissCryptozoological cuisine


Ernst Haeckel and the Microbial Baroque

David BrodyNature is art is design is science

Artist Project / Field Traces

Bill JonesImaging electrogenetics

Mm, Mm, Good: Marketing and Regression in Aesthetic Taste

David HawkesOn the corporatization of the campus

Beautiful Indonesia (In Miniature)

David WomackThe Suhartos’ theme park travesty

Paint and Paint Names

Daniel HarrisA spectrum analysis

Things Fall Apart: An Interview with George Scherer

Jeffrey Kastner and George SchererThe impermanence of stone

The Six Grandfathers, Paha Sapa, in the Year 502,002 C.E.

Matthew BuckinghamAccompanied by a poster insert by the artist

Interpretations of the National Park Service

Sharon HayesHistorical reservations

Soothe Operator

Susette MinMuzak and modern sound art

Artist Project / Birds of North America Sing Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection

Amy Jean PorterOdd tweets

Hungry for God

Gregory WhiteheadThe ecstasies of the bibliovore

Not Your Name, Mine

Paul SchmelzerThe anti-autograph


Artist Project / The Bible from Memory

Emma KayThe greatest story ever, glossed

Black Box

Tom VanderbiltThe secrets of the flight data recorder

Crash Covers

Jeffrey KastnerMail trouble

“Shades of Tarzan!”

Elizabeth EschFord on the Amazon

Hashima: The Ghost Island

Brian Burke-GaffneyAll mine

The Floating Island

Paul CollinsHMS Habbakuk and the icy promise of pykrete

Old Rags, Some Grand

Scott A. SandageGeorge M. Cohan’s flag-waving refrains

The War of the Flea

Marvin DoyleAt the end of the revolutionary road

The Short, Sad Life of Danny the Dragon

Dirk LibeerNot amused

Better Luck Next Time

Gregory WilliamsSmall consolations

Artist Project / The Disappointed and the Offended

Magnus BärtåsComplaints in a minor key

The Invention of Failure: An Interview with Scott A. Sandage

Sina Najafi, David Serlin, and Scott A. SandageFalling short in America

Artist Project / Travelfest Is Closed

Michael Smith and Nathan HeigesHard-copy tickets to nowhere

CD Insert / Syntax Error

Michael Ballou, M. Behrens, George M. Cohan, Andrew Deutsch, Douglas Henderson, Peter Lew, Christof Migone, Pauline Oliveros, William Safire, Tobias Schmitt, Yasunao Tone, and Claude WamplerFailed utterances

In Case of Moon Disaster

William SafireSome corner of another world

Artist Project / Romantic Landscapes with Missing Parts

Nedko SolakovSubtractions, visible and invisible

The Life of Ernst Moiré

Lytle ShawBringing the illegible into focus

Artist Project / Concert

Nancy DavenportRock in a hard place


CabinetGrade conflation


Nina KatchadourianThe rude fate of a public sculpture


Unlimited Edition / 1976 Montreal Olympics Participation Medal

Kris LeeFor those who strive and fail

Artist Project / Stock in Failure Institute

Peter SantinoShorting success

Web Extras

Eulogy for Henry David Thoreau

Ralph Waldo Emerson“The captain of a huckleberry party”