Summer 2005


Ingestion / Pontormo’s Diary

Elizabeth PilliodFood and the management of the artist’s melancholy

Inventory / How to Join the Men’s Auxillary

Sasha ArchibaldValerie Solanas and the enemies and allies of SCUM

Colors / Ivory

Frances StarkMouth-watering silence

Black Pyramid / Manifesto

Peter Lamborn WilsonHallucinogenic snuff


Crystal Clear: An Interview with Shea Zellweger

Christine Wertheim and Shea ZellwegerDeveloping the Logic Alphabet

Artist Project / The Match Game

Sasha Chavchavadze

Utopia on Vinyl

Jonathan WardThe history of the industrial musical

In Search of Ancient Astronauts: A Requiem for the Space Age

Mark DeryArchitectural techno-transcendentalism in Southern California

Artist Project / Moonworks

Craig Kalpakjian

Artist Project / Bad Birds

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

The Kingpin of Fakers

Christopher TurnerColonel Dinshah P. Ghadiali and the Spectro-Chrome

Artist Project / C.V.—A Work in Progress

Patrick Pound

A Matter of Degrees

Allen Ezell and John BearThe FBI on the trail of the world’s most lucrative diploma mill

Fictional States

New Foundlands

George PendleHow many countries are there in the world?

Hating Your Country

Cecilia SjöholmInstead of pretending you don’t live there

Artist Project / Borderville


Confections of Zeno

Tony WoodThe consequences of cartographic fantasy

The Ephemera of Fictional States

William BrykThe art of sovereignty

Self-Declared Nations: A Portfolio



Hutt River Province Principality

The Empire of Atlantium

Robert Blackson

The Kingdom of Fusa

Robert Blackson

State in Time

The Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland

The New Free State of Caroline

The Magic of the State: An Interview with Michael Taussig

David Levi Strauss and Michael TaussigHierarchy, stratification, and the power of spirit possession

Artist Project / Landscape of Symbols

Glexis Novoa

Return to Sender

Bonnie & Roger Riga“Cinderellas,” the stepchildren of philately


Postcard / A Slight Mismap

Tal Schori

Bookmark / Fictional Steaks

Brian McMullen

Our infamous erratum included as a stand-alone sheet in the issue