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Spring 2001


Colors / Beige

Andrea Codrington

The Clean Room / Love Machines: Unwinding the Technology of the Scopitone

David Serlin

Leftovers / The Secret Collection

Carrie Cooperrider

Ingestion / A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part II, J–P

Allen S. Weiss


Breatheable Food

David Gissen

Hobo Nickels

Jeffrey Kastner

Transformative Technologies

Sven-Olov Wallenstein

Brigído Lara: Post-pre-Columbian Ceramicist

Jesse Lerner

From Western Marxism to Western Buddhism

Slavoj Žižek

Nationalism and Catharsis: The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and Vladimir Kulic

Artist Project / Core Samples

Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock

Abstract Concrete: Francisco López and the Ontology of Sound

Christoph Cox

Artist Project / Caribbean Moonlight, Canadian Sunset

Jim Lambie

Dupe: A Partial Compendium of Everyday Delusions

Jeff Gibson

And I Thought Church Was Fun

Sara Cameron

Without Shadows: Histories of Utopia

Allen S. Weiss

The Standard for Eggs-in-Shell

United Nations/Economic Commission for Europe

Holiday in Cambodia

David Hawkes

Artist Project / Small Wars

An-My Lê

February 4

Tom Mulcaire

Artist Project / Sambizanga Project

Ricardo de Oliveira

Artist Project / Fall of Saigon/Panamarenko

Michael Stevenson

Psychocivilization and Its Discontents: An Interview with José Delgado

Magnus Bärtås, Fredrik Ekman, and José Delgado

The Intelligence of Vision: An Interview with Rudolf Arnheim

Uta Grundmann and Rudolf Arnheim

Conserving Latex and Liverwurst: An Interview with Christian Scheidemann

Gregory Williams and Christian Scheidemann

Confessions of a Finnish Pastry Eater: An Interview with Bo Lönnqvist

Sina Najafi and Bo Lönnqvist

Mapping Conversations

Utterance Is Place Enough: Mapping Conversation

Frances Richard

Mapping Very Large-Scale Conversations

Warren Sack

The “Offshore” Phenomenon: Dirty Banking in a Brave New World

Mark Lombardi

The Recent Drawings: An Overview

Mark Lombardi

George W. Bush, Harken Energy, and Jackson Stephens

Mark Lombardi


Architecture and Dessert

Mark Sussman

Commissioned Pastry: The Brecht

Sebastian Brecht


David Shrigley


Kim Jones