Summer 2010


Colors / Red

Maggie NelsonSomething dipped

Ingestion / Table Manner

Anthony GraftonThe disposition of the Last Supper

Inventory / An Anthology of Memories from Cabinet’s Published Past

Alejandro CesarcoWorking through our issues

Leftovers / The Future of Neglect

Srdjan Jovanovic WeissUrban renewal and the politics of refusal


Radiantly Malevolent

Adam JasperLouis Wain’s psychotic cats

Blue Notes

Brian DillonSelling the siren song of the medicine cabinet

Scratch and Sniff

Gary LeggettDiagnosing the allergic reaction

If It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It

George PendleThe sincere horse sense of Dr. George W. Crane

Artist Project / Transmission

Maria FribergUnder carriages

Dry Mountain Water

Allen S. WeissAfloat on a sea of stones

Cabinet v. Beşiktaş

CabinetSoccer as never before


Lords of the Ring

Alistair SponselBeneath the surface of the atoll

Islands and the Law: An Interview with Christina Duffy Burnett

Sina Najafi and Christina Duffy BurnettThe juridical shape of America’s insular empire

Artist Project / Pulau Pejantan

Institute of Critical ZoologistsThe extraordinary fauna of Sand Forest Island

The Silence of the Dams: An Interview with Tetrapod No. 16-2-77

Mats Bigert, Sina Najafi, and Tetrapod No. 16-2-77I am a rock

Isles of Safety

Tom VanderbiltConsidering the traffic island

A Topical Paradise

Hernán DíazLiterary archipelagos since the great age of exploration

Artist Projects / Washed Ashore

Keren Cytter, Jason Dodge, and Annika StrömDesert island tricks

On the Monstrosity of Islands

D. Graham BurnettBetrayal, solitude, madness, despair

The Islanders

Andreas HiepkoCastaways in a divided Berlin

Artist Project / 65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living

Jeremy DrummondInsulation, isolation

An Archipelago of Centers

Sandy IsenstadtA modernist reinvention of the kitchen


Postcard / Loss Accountability of Top-Down Ontologies

Mary MattinglyInconvenient store

Bookmark / Napoleon, Penguins, and Beef Tea

Far and away