Spring–Summer 2016


Ingestion / The Hunger Artists

Oliver PrestonStarved for attention

Leftovers / Vapor Trails

D. Graham BurnettClouds and conspiracies

Inventory / The Savoy Files

Christopher TurnerHow the famous hotel indexed its guests

Sentences / Fair Hopes of Ending All

Brian DillonThe morbid extravagance of John Donne



Justine KurlandSelling vans, smashing guitars

Of Primitives and Primaries

Nicholas GaskillPutting color in the classroom

Between the Mine and the Stream

Justin E. H. SmithHerbert Hoover’s presidential philosophy


Agnieszka KurantHarnessing the unpredictable power of emergence

Packing My Library, or, the Melancholy of Departure

Allen S. WeissThe meditations of a bibliophile


Labor Days

Tony WoodReinventing the workweek in the Soviet Union

Anarchist Calendrics

Byron Ellsworth HamannThe chronological agitations of Moses Harman

Shuffling through the Year

Adam JasperFinding the calendar in the cards

The Lens of Time

Adam HerringTemporality and experience in Inca Cuzco


Bookmark / Freaky Fridays

Lawrence WeschlerTriskaidekaphobic proof

Postcard / 1933 ... 2017

Saïda BloomHistory repeating itself?

Kiosk / Spring–Summer 2016

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies