Fall 2007


Inventory / Artist’s Impact

Mats BigertNaming Mercury’s craters

A Minor History Of / Giant Spheres

Joshua FoerAn invitation to the ball

Colors / White

Joseph GrigelyBleached world

Black Pyramid / Concrete & Cement

Peter Lamborn WilsonForm and Spectre


Making Sense at the Movies

Amelie HastieHabit and memory by the light of the silver screen

Readymade Remade

Leland de la DurantayePierre Pinoncelli and the legacy of Duchamp’s “fountains”

Artist Projects / CMYK

Mathew Brannon, Morgan Fisher, Liam Gillick, Amy Granat, Elin Hansdottir & Darri Lorenzen, Leslie Hewitt, Corey McCorkle, and James WellingCurated by Walead Beshty

Ready for Takeoff

Viktoria TkaczykRobert Hooke’s flying experiments

Men of War

CabinetThe faces behind the weapons

Figuring Life

Margaret WertheimRedrawing Darwin’s evolutionary tree


Mont Blanc Montage

Colby ChamberlainUp the mountains, in fiction and in fact

O Altitudo!: An Interview with Robert Macfarlane

Brian Dillon and Robert MacfarlanePeak aesthetics

Mountain and Fog

Nina PowerKant and the Nazi sublime

Artist Project / Much Was Decided When You Were Born

Mariele NeudeckerSub-sublime

Lunar Park

Christopher TurnerJames Nasmyth and the mountains of the moon

Surveying the Alps

Jeffrey KastnerThe mountain views of Hans Conrad Escher

Salvation Mountain

Joel SternfeldLeonard Knight’s epiphany

Artist Project / Mountain with No Name (Pandjsher Valley, Afghanistan)

Marine HugonnierAnonymous altitudes

A Note of Warning Concerning “Bashford’s Grotto”

Maiken UmbachMaiken Umbach weighs in on the Chadwicks’ “discovery”

Bashford’s Grotto

Chadwick DaltonAmerica’s least known (and most dangerous) mountain

Talking with the Volcanoes

Jesse LernerDevotion to the twin peaks

Utopia on the Roof of the World

Chris WileyThe search for Shambhala


Postcard / Russian Mountains

Ryo ManabeThe birth of the rollercoaster

Bookmark / The Growing Pains of Mont Blanc

Alpine hikes

Back Cover

The Alps in a nutshell