Summer 2001


Colors / Ash

Meghan DaileyAn emphasis on repose

The Clean Room / Some Like It Cold

David SerlinEngineering the “personal environment”

Leftovers / CA Redemption Value

Kevin AttellCraig Baldwin’s found-footage films

Ingestion / A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part III

Allen S. WeissQ–Z


Artist Project / Beggars

Vik MunizRembrandt in the junk drawer


Robert P. HarrisonLeave the monuments caked with grime

A Partial Guide to the Tools of Art Vandalism

Steven GossIf I had a hammer

1 in 32

The Speculative ArchiveThe culture of secrecy

The Artist Makes Himself a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Ian BerryRube Goldberg’s slapstick machinery

The Soil Eaters

Magnus Bärtås and Fredrik EkmanThe tastes of the geophagic

The High Line

Sina NajafiAn introduction

Artist Project / The High Line

Joel SternfeldTracking New York’s mercantile past

Between the Country and the Telo

Federico WindhausenThe architecture of controlled invisibility in neo-liberal Argentina


Artist Project / No Regrets

Kim KeeverIn other worlds

Our Weather: A Selection

Compiled by Jeffrey Kastner and Sina NajafiSome meteorological observations

Mary Poppins’s Cameo Appearances in the Work of Andrei Tarkovsky

Joe BanksThe calm before the storm

The Eleventh Commandment

Jonathan AmesWear a hat!

Reading The Worst Journey in the World

Frances RichardThe icy adventures of the Penguin Party

The Celestographs of August Strindberg

Douglas FeukCollaborating with the weather

Think with Me about Your Extension of Now

Olafur EliassonCultivating a collective sense of time and space

Storm Squatting at El Reno

Jesse LernerGeorge Kuchar in the elements

Yesterday’s Forecasts: An Interview with James Rodger Fleming

Robin Veder and James Rodger FlemingYou need a weatherman

Chasing Storms in Rapid City: An Interview with Charlie Summers

Brian Conley, Sina Najafi, and Charlie SummersInto the thunderhead

Artist Project / Index of Wind

Spencer FinchAejej, Kwat, Zonda

Let There Be Rain: An Interview with William Cotton

Anna Grace and William CottonThe past and future of cloud seeding

We Will Bury You. In Mud.

David E. BrownOwning the weather

CD Insert / Squall

Maria Blondeel, Peter Cusack, Gordon Monahan, Shawn Korgan, Chris Watson, Charlie Summers, MSC Harding, Federico Marulanda Rey, Joe Banks, and Alan LambSonic weather

Eyewitness Accounts of Kugelblitz

­­Edmond M. Dewan­­­Great balls of fire

All About Lightning: An Interview with Martin Uman

Brian Conley, Sina Najafi, and Martin UmanFlashes and fulgurites

The God Effect: An Interview with John Cliett

Jeffrey Kastner and John CliettPicturing Walter De Maria’s Lightning Field

Artist Projects / Please Draw That Famous Photograph of The Lightning Field from Memory

Aziz + Cucher, Emilie Clark, Liam Gillick, Douglas Gordon, Jenny Perlin, Matthew Ritchie, Rachel Urkowitz, and Sarah MorrisThe impersistence of memory

The Moral Storm: Henry Darger’s Book of Weather Reports

Lytle ShawHenry Darger’s Book of Weather Reports

Reverse (Artforum, November 1999, p. 139)

Joe AmrheinThe signs of an art critic

Better than Weather

Srdjan Jovanovic WeissThe Austin Air-Conditioned Village

Mapping the Invisible

Mats BigertHotter is red and colder is blue


On Acronyms

Herbert MarcuseA cunning of reason

A Guide to Acronyms Used in this Issue of Cabinet


Unlimited Edition / Hot Front Mug & Cold Front Glass

Bigert & BergströmDrinking at the isobar

Postcard / Untitled

Michael BallouPinocchio nose which way the wind blows

Web Extras

Our Weather: The Collection

Compiled by Jeffrey Kastner and Sina NajafiMore meteorological observations

On Chance in Artistic Creation

August StrindbergMoonlight—certainly!

The Worst Journey in the World

Frances RichardA chronology