Fall 2011


Leftovers / Arm

John BaldwinThe return of Uncle Bud

Colors / Umber

Yara FloresOnly the shadow knows

Ingestion / Alone on Floor with Pile of Buttons

Mary CappelloChevalier Jackson’s swallowed souvenirs

Legend / Cat on Edge

Wayne KoestenbaumThe culture of perpetual threshold


Blow Up

Brian DillonExplosive adventures in the air’s uncharted ways

Artist Project / Roundabout Vancouver

GoodweatherThe city a forest, the forest a city

Pale Sun of the Night

Bernd BrunnerBy the light of the silvery moon

Artist Project / Zugunruhe

Rachel BerwickThe migratory imperative

Our Aesthetic Categories: An Interview with Sianne Ngai

Adam Jasper and Sianne NgaiThe cute, the interesting, and the zany

Artist Project / Untitled

Amie SiegelRainbow connection: III

The Hands That Made the Nation

Yoshikuni IgarashiThe builders of Japanese industry

The Great Cabinet Office Triathlon

CabinetOur winner Alice Tai and her splendid cat, Po


Mengele’s Skull

Thomas Keenan and Eyal WeizmanFrom witness to object

Osteobiography: An Interview with Clyde Snow

Eyal Weizman and Clyde SnowForensic anthropology and the law

Forensic Machinery

Alain PottageNot so patently obvious

The Freedom of Speech Itself

Lawrence Abu HamdanA contemporary chronology of forensic listening

Tape 342

Susan SchuppliThat dangerous supplement

Dead Commodities

Godofredo PereiraThe trouble with Simón

The Similitude of the Wound

Greg SiegelFraming the victim

Murky Evidence

Paulo TavaresEnvironmental forensics in the age of the Anthropocene


Postcard / The Smith & Wesson Chest Plates

The bullet and the damage done

Bookmark / Absorption Spectra of Blood Samples

Out damned spot!