Fall 2012


Colors / Mummy Brown

Kris LeeAn arm and a leg

Legend / The Pregnant Blindfold

Wayne KoestenbaumNothing to see here

Inventory / To Die For

Marc GanzglassThe bamboo hoops of Matthew Lewandowski

Ingestion / The Greek Detox

Brooke HolmesAristides and the dream of the gut


Fluid Assets

Will WilesThe economic waterworks of the MONIAC

Utopia on Ice

Mark DorrianThe Sunny Mountain Ski Dome as allegory of the future

Artist Project / Dead Space

Tom Dale

Two by Two

William VineyA timeline of twins

Trap Streets

James BridleThe road not taken

A Case for Darwin

Rachel PoliquinHenry Flower’s evolutionary displays

Paper Machines: An Interview with Markus Krajewski

Brian Dillon and Markus KrajewskiThe index card and the card index


The Logistical Figure

Clare LysterApathy, individualism, power

The Republic of Letters: An Interview with Nancy Pope

Joshua Bauchner and Nancy PopeGoing through the mail

Coming Full Circle

D. Graham BurnettThe Traveling Salesman Problem and the dream of optimality

The Coldscape

Nicola TwilleyFrom the tank farm to the sushi coffin

Listening to the Cooler

Michael OsmanTaking the temperature with the thermophone

Artist Project / Value Added: # 240950 DM NOSLT WHL KRNL CR

Nobutaka Aozaki

The Restlessness of Objects

Jesse LeCavalierChoreographing fulfillment


Keller EasterlingNavigating the logistical surface


Bookmark / Plane and Simple?

Postcard / Shop the Pig